Arey, aaj ke din toh I believe people should celebrate their sense of humor jee. But Sonakshi Sinha has gone completely bananas after winning the Best Actress Award At Golden Kela this year.


Golden Kela is obviously for year ke sabse wahiad actors and Sonakshi won it for R…Rajkumar. Sonakshi Beta now you don’t understand. Har film mein same role karogi and same type ki dikhogi toh log female Prakash Raj bolengey hi na. Ek toh you do cut, copy, paste roles plus you say that you’ll choose dumb films like Dabangg 2 over Lootera telling the world that you have a bhains’ brain, give me one reason why the Golden Kela shouldn’t go to you?

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

Instead of taking it sportingly and improving your work, you take a dig at them showing apna dumbness aur zyaada. I dont know readers apko pata hai ya nahi but she posted an image on Instagram and wrote on it, “What to do with a ‘golden kela’ when i got the real deal right here?? 4 rupees only and edible too. Yum. Kela people -You want?? Hehehe” Don’t you want to improve love? Hamesha you wanna do arm candy kinda roles and then disappear out in no time? Isse accha hoga Golden Kela ko proudly lo and work hard no. It is necessary ki criticism ko ache se lo and work on it. Maintain your dignity girlie, don’t stoop! Aamir and tumme wahi difference hai. Grow up!

(Disclaimer: Koimoi does not take responsibility for opinions or views expressed by Gossip Aunty. To believe her or not is absolutely your choice. This is a purely humorous piece and doesn’t intend to offend anyone’s sensibilities or tastes. It is our way of poking fun at people we love!)

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  1. who is that gossip aunty i want to know she is hilarious n so silly mostly she talks crap n rarely talks sense while sonakshi has to choose her scripts well n she has proved she can act well with lootera but i dont know why people make crap useless unknown awards like golden kela to make fun of certain bad performances as awards r done for appreciating good performances isnt it


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