Rating: 2/5 Stars (Two Stars)

Star cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood

Director: Prabhu Dheva

What’s Good: A few comic scenes, slick action bits and the fantastically done energetic dances.

What’s Bad: Bellowing Shahid, Roaring Sonu and a contrived plotline shakily edited.

Loo break: Quite many

Watch or Not?: R…Rajkumar is unpretentious about stooping to any level to get people to like the film. Unapologetically formulaic fashioned on the typical 80s’ films which are the norm these days, it is crass with no heart to it. All through the film Shahid blabbers Pyaar Pyaar Pyaar ya Maar Maar Maar perhaps asking us to take our pick. The unanimous opinion on this one has to be ‘Maar Maar Maar’ for being the sheer noise it turns out to be!

User Rating:

The story is handpicked from the land of opium growers where the age old rivalry between Shivraj (Sonu Sood) and Parmar (Ashish Vidyarthi) is the norm of the village named Dhartipur. Shivraj strikes gold when he hires a man Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor) who is neat with his work and beats zestfully. However Shivraj and Romeo suffer a massive fallout when they both fall for Parmar’s niece Chanda (Sonakshi SInha).

While Parmar and Shivraj end their opium rivalry and decide to become relatives finally ending their tussle, Romeo challenges Shivraj that he will marry his lady love on the same day that is decided for his wedding to Chanda.

Henceforth begins Romeo’s journey to win over Shivraj at every step and make Chanda his own. Will Shivraj fail to marry Chanda and fail the challenge Romeo posed to him? Or use his power to crush his former protege? Watch R…Rajkumar to know how the story unfolds.

R… Rajkumar Review: Script Analysis

As we already know the drill, the script has no role to play in such films. It makes no bones about being mindless and I doubt too much effort goes into being that. The story line is silly. Romeo, a petty goon gets hired by the local gangster. It isn’t long before both the protege and the gangster lose their heart to the same girl – the rival gangster’s niece. Then begins the battle of hearts and laats in trying to win over the feisty lady love.

Obviously, the problems that the execution poses is unforgivable. The sleaze content is far too much in the film and for large part it is lame. How Romeo so easily made it to the gangster’s team and good books is beyond me. Obviously pulling of a prank like pulling down a giant looking man’s pants surely is the gutsy characteristic needed to operate illegal businesses!

The romantic angle is just as disjointed and muddled. Shahid’s kiss face every time he sees Sonakshi is plain annoying. Giving lechers all over India a newer method of troubling women, it is plain lame why the director used something this preposterous in the film. Expecting an intelligent product in commercial cinema is futile it seems, but this film mars you down with sheer ridiculousness.

Obviously the humor is puerile and dialogues are far too exaggerated and in bad taste. To point a few statements like ‘Tujhe namard banake teri lollypop ke saath suhaagraat manaunga’ was simply grotesque.

The fun for me in such films usually is its visceral action scenes that is stuffed with bashes and smashes and ends with spine-chilling bone crunching, beating to pulp and fierce stabbings. But you’ll be devoid of that guilty fun too here as it is short in supply. Perhaps you can choose to lay back and laugh at the ridiculousness meted out to you. I was utterly exhausted and bored!

R… Rajkumar Review: Star Performances

Shahid Kapoor to his credit is in good form. He delivers a few genuine laughs and shows a flair for fights! Intense and enjoyable, perhaps the only flaw with his work was he wasn’t enjoying his role enough. The infectious gusto of the actor is indeed there but the scorching screen presence of the lead man is clearly half done.

Sonakshi Sinha is unfortunately the female Prakash Raj of the acting world. She is there is every freaking film, delivering the same role each time rendering no new flavor to her character. There is running joke I crack to my friends about her, how you can cut her scenes from any of her films and paste it in her next, it would do. She is becoming boring and since the girl has shown caliber before, wasting herself in roles where she is called lollypop is unfortunate.

Sonu Sood is not exemplary. Missing the viciousness of Chedi Singh, neither is he a perfect lecher or outright evil. With cocky lines and the brutal smile, he works just average but not exceedingly impressive.

The supporting cast can might as well be ignored because they were that unremarkable.

R… Rajkumar Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Prabhudheva is usually known for his mettle at delivering enjoyable masala potboilers. But the unavoidable flaw of this film is its uneven pacing. While the first half flies at breakneck speed, the second half is dull, tiresome and doesn’t seem to end. Somehow the film lacks a certain kind of expected fun which we have learned to associate with the dance maverick’s films. And I attribute it to the faulty casting of Shahid in the lead role.

I might be spelled out as a star supporter here but I truly feel such characters are best written for the likes of Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar. For Shahid, no matter how intently he tries and how flawlessly he delivers, the embellishing factor is missing.

However, Prabhudheva does give us a few lip smacking moments of delicious humor to relish. In a scene where an old man was trapped and Shahid has to go save him, it turns out that he didn’t want to get saved because his wife is a pain for him. As offensive it is, you’ll find yourself cheering the old man.

As for the screenplay, it treads into sloppy writing in the second half. Editing too remains half baked as it fails to trap in the steam all through. The songs are foot tapping numbers with the most stupid lyrics which you would absolutely want to miss. There should be an option of muting the crass poetry in these songs, it would such be a respite.

R… Rajkumar Review: The Last Word

R…Rajkumar is a below ordinary, at best Prabhudheva’s most modest work till date. Setting up the usual claptraps with parading dialogues, the film bludgeons you to bits. The fun moments are few and though you might find yourself guffawing in parts, in the end the film is neither cohesive nor compelling and that too without an over enthusiastic lead man that you expect from such films. Rajkumar isn’t Shahid most enduring or endearing characters and it is essentially the lack of a larger-than-life star that hammers the expectations I had from the film. I am going with a measly 2/5 for it. It wasn’t fun and definitely not bang for the buck.

R… Rajkumar Trailer

R… Rajkumar releases on  6th December, 2013.

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R… Rajkumar
Reviewed by
Mohar Basu
and Rated

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  1. rambo flopshahid,this movie has more likes at youtube and people are saying that they want it to be a hit for shahid but they will not watch to give him the hit he needs

  2. Hey guys really want to watch this movie but going by all the critics review accross I’m now in two minds.

    Please suggest is it worth watching Shahid’s movie in theatre.

    • dude this all are paid review agar in critics ko paise nahi mile na toh ye aise hi ratings dete hai agar inko paise khilaye hote to 4 stars diye hote the movie is superb best action movie i had ever seen……

  3. “Sonakshi Sinha is unfortunately the female Prakash Raj of the acting world. She is there is every freaking film, delivering the same role each time rendering no new flavor to her character.”……………..bitter and funny truth…….

  4. i have seen first day first show
    great comedy,great great action,great direction,superb song, superb dance,simply amazing performance by all actor specially shahid,superb dialogue.ha ha ha and this stupid koimoi site give it 2/5 star.because khans are absent in this movies.simply close this site.

  5. Good Masala movie..Sahid is justified his role and so is Sonu…Entertaining…Kids will enjoy too..I went to movie because he wanted to see it and he liked it so did I.

  6. mujhe to ab iske review par bhrosha nahi hai agar inhe paise do review accha nahi to bura ye to apna review bhi chang karte hai,,,,

  7. Dont pay attention to these reviews guys. Go and watch the movie it is a complete entertainer……….
    Shahid rocks…………

  8. R.,Rajkumar is the full entertainer movie. i cant imagin why the wrong reviews are being given to this.and both shahid and sonakshi performed very well,sonakshi is a telented actress and performed as such. may be that this is mixed copy of wanted rowdy .but i think it i smuch better than these.nothing is boring in the movie.fentastic acthon.a good action romantic movie…even after the weak review i think its one of the best action movie..i like it..

  9. its a better and one of the best action romantic movie.should not be given these reviews..shahid sonakshi performed well.appreciating for sonakshi .she is a telented actress. i like the movie.

  10. R… rajkumar ( romeo rajkuma )
    ye story vaisi hi hai jaisi aap logo ne ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOOBARA mei dekhi thi …….
    magar ye movie koi kam nahi hai. …..
    1 second ke liye bhi boar nahi karti ……
    jarur dekhyie

  11. Suprrrrbb…..super hit movi orr……..jakassss….
    Note……= jo ess movi ko bakwaas kahega …..vo chodu h sala…..

  12. Awesome Movie Full Entertainer…better than Dabang,Ek tha tiger,Bodyguard and so on…Blockbuster movies..all in 100 cr par in saari movie me se kaun si movie entertain karti hai ya baar baar dekhne layak h bor karti hai sbhi sirf salman bhai h isliye dekhte h sab..i am not shahid`s fan but still saying this movie is complete entertainer..look wanted review from critics they have given 2 star…so go hell with critics and watch this movie.

  13. Mohar basu ji apko koi personal problem he kya shahid kapoor se jo itna negative review dia he, jub public ne picture hit ker di to ap ka review kis kam ka aynda soch samjh k review dena ok

  14. One of the worst movies of the decade. I don’t know whats happening to the standard of bollywood movies and its viewers. Film industries normally go towards perfection over time but bollywood is going in the opposite direction.

  15. Amazing performance by Shahid Kapoor, Sonu, Sonakshi Sinha, Prabhu D. and all other supporting artists…

    Although Kareena spoiled Shahid, and most of media’s negative publicity about the movie, wish his prosperous future

  16. I dont know about the movie, but Sonakshi is Mind blowing, She is so beautiful and she is glowing in this movie. Every time i see her i am feel weak at my knees.
    Enough said Sonakshi u r the best.

  17. This movie was funny and lovely.
    The songs are good, beautiful and funny.

    Me,my mum,my dad and my grandma Really Enjoyed and Loved this Romeo Rajkumar Film.

    Thank You for Reading!

  18. Comment: wow super film i realy enjoy this movie with my sis & brother fantastic songs super dance ( yenaku ramba puduchurku eanda movie, songs ketea super ha irkudu, dance steps yel nala irkudu, indha movie script ramba puduchudu,) SK is a mass hero


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