When Yo Yo Honey Singh Called Badshah A Nano Car - PAST TENSE(D)
When Yo Yo Honey Singh Called Badshah A Nano Car – PAST TENSE(D)(Photo Credit – Honey Singh & Badshah/Instagram)

Yo Yo Honey Singh and Badshah are arguably the biggest mainstream rappers in India. Both of them have been part of several controversies but it hasn’t affected a bit on their fan following. Those who have been following both the rappers closely would be aware that once they were best friends. So what actually happened that now both can’t see eye to eye with each other? Let’s find out.


Before gaining huge popularity in Bollywood scene, both the rappers along with Raftaar, Ikka and Lil’ Golu, were part of a group called Mafia Mundeer. In 2012, due to some unknown reasons, the group was dissolved and every artist went onto perform solely thereafter.


Post-Mafia Mundeer, Yo Yo Honey Singh once again tried to create a force by bringing Badshah, J-Star, Alfaaz and others together but it didn’t turn out to be much success. Thereafter the sour relation between Honey and Badshah started coming to the lights as reportedly, the Brown Rang hitmaker was accused of not giving fair credit to other artists.

Interestingly, it is learnt that hits like Brown Rang and Dope Shope were actually penned by Raftaar and Badshah but they weren’t given credit for the work. Ever since then, the relation between Yo Yo Honey Singh and Kar Gayi Chull singer kept getting more bitter.

We witnessed one such instance of their intense feud during the trailer launch of Punjabi film Zorawar. As we all know, Yo Yo Honey Singh was on a hiatus due to his health issues. And during that period Badshah shined with hits like DJ Waley Babu and Kar Gayi Chull. Referring to the same, one reporter had an interesting question for Honey.

The reporter asked, “Has Badshah has overtaken him during his absence?” Yo Yo Honey Singh replied, “Have you driven a Rolls-Royce? There is a difference between a Rolls-Royce (an ultra-luxury car brand) and a Nano (the world’s cheapest car).”

Savage answer in typical Honey style!

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