When Shah Rukh Khan Told Little Aryan Khan That He'll Stop Smoking If He Stops Drinking Pepsi & The Latter Chose Limca Instead!
Here’s When Shah Rukh Khan Said He’ll Stop Smoking If Aryan Khan Stops Drinking Pepsi & The Latter Went With Limca Instead! (Photo Credit: Instagram & Twitter)

Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan have been on the front of every news outlet because of the latter being detained by NCB in a drug-related case. Many superstars and celebrities have come forward to share their support towards SRK and his family. Recently famous senior journalist Mark Manuel joined the list sharing a message on his Facebook handle.

It was 19 years ago that the journalist had a chance to have an interview with the superstar and his little son. During this time the journalist remembered that the ‘Badshah’ actor had a small deal with his son.



In the interview he had with Shah Rukh Khan, journalist Mark Manuel shared that once “Aryan asked SRK, “Can I have a Pepsi?” He indicated to a large Pepsi vending machine in the corner. SRK said, “You have another Pepsi and Mummy will beat you.” Aryan replied, “I’m not scared of Mummy.” Wickedly SRK said, “Go tell her that.” To me, he said, “I have a deal with him…If he stops drinking Pepsi, I’ll stop smoking” Aryan cunningly countered, “I’ll have Limca, instead.”

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Mark Manuel, adding to his message said that after 19 years of that interview, now he wonders what the two are doing today. He talked about how in these times Shah Rukh Khan must be feeling all alone, walking anxiously like a caged tiger behind the high walls of his palatial residence, knowing that Aryan was paying the price for being his son. The journalist also talked about how Aryan is spending his night at the Arthur Road Jail having hardcore criminals around him, ‘like in a scene out of an SRK film.’

He also believed that the superstar’s son might be regretting the rash decision he took to experiment with drugs and that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd. The journalist believes that Aryan was not the mastermind of the big drug racket for which he has been held guilty.

He concluded his message by saying: “When I was 23, it was not normal for people my age to seek mental and emotional release from the vicissitudes of life by turning to drugs and alcohol. But times have changed. People that age have psychiatrists on speed dial now. They are dealing with depression and mental health. Here’s what I think happened to Aryan Khan. He confused the pressures of being SRK’s son with the privileges.”

It was also noted that Aryan Khan’s sister Suhana Khan was about to arrive in India due to her brothers’ arrest. But since everything was chaotic, both Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan decided Suhana Khan shouldn’t come home right now.

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