When Sanjay Dutt Made Shocking & Hilarious Incident About His Drug Addiction
When Sanjay Dutt Was High In LSD & Tried Putting His Father Sunil Dutt’s Face Together ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Sanjay Dutt became prominent right after his debut film Rocky. However, his life was not as stable as it seems. During his early days, the actor tried every kind of drug which made him lose focus on everything. Even though his life was in danger due to overdose,  the actor came out strong and now he’s clean. Meanwhile, in a book about Dutt, the actor recalled a hilarious incident when he was high on LSD and thought his dad’s face was melting.

The book ‘Sanjay Dutt: The Untold Story of Bollywood’s Bad Boy’, written by Yasmeen Usman talks about some of the unknown facts about the actor’s shocking life. Along with all his stints, the actor also makes revelations about his drug addiction.

In the book, Sanjay Dutt talks about one of the initial days of his career when his father Sunil Dutt wasn’t aware of his habits. He said, “I had popped in some acid, LSD. It’s called purple haze. It kind of hits you after a while.” While he was waiting for the drug to kick in, the phone in his room started ringing and it was from his dad’s office as he wanted to meet him urgently.

Although Sanjay Dutt wanted to refuse as LSD was about to kick in, Sunil Dutt wanted to talk to him about the shooting schedule for Rocky. While he was in the office, the LSD started showing its effect and recalling the same, the actor said, “So Dad is talking to me and it suddenly hit me. He is talking to me and I could hear ‘waannrr . . . einn [gibberish]!’ Now I am saying to myself, ‘Sanju, you’re tripping. Just take it easy. Just keep nodding.’ So I kept nodding and I kept hearing him like ‘aannoonn . . . aann [gibberish]!’”

Sanjay had already started hallucinating, but the veteran star thought he wasn’t too interested in talking to him. The Munna Bhai star added, “All of a sudden I see a wig come out of his head and that wig caught fire. And I am looking at him and thinking ‘what the hell is happening, man!’” Interestingly, Dutt even tried saving his father from the imaginary flames; however, he soon lost all touch with reality and said “Dad started melting like wax. He was like a candle.”

Sanjay Dutt then ‘dived on him’ while trying to ‘put his face together’ and said “Dad! Dad! Don’t die on me. Don’t melt.” All this while, Sunil Dutt was clueless and he yelled at Sanjay, saying, ‘Ki hoya, ki hoya yaar mere puttar nu?”

Explaining the incident, the KGF star said, “At that time nobody knew what these things were. There were no treatment centres. My father didn’t know, my sisters didn’t know, friends didn’t know. Nobody knew what is this powder.”

On the work front, Sanjay Dutt will be next seen in Ranbir Kapoor starrer Shamshera along with Animal also with RK and Rashmika Mandanna.

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