Sanjay Dutt Had Slammed Richa Sharma's Parents For Spoiling Their Marriage
Sanjay Dutt Accused Richa Sharma’s Parents Of Their Divorce (Photo Credit: Twitter & Facebook)

It is a known fact that Sanjay Dutt was happily married to Richa Sharma in 1987. They were head-over-heels in love with each other. However, their love story took a sharp U-turn when Sharma was diagnosed with cancer leaving Dutt shattered. After this diagnosis, the couple was divorced, forcing many people to think that the actor split with his wife due to her terminal illness. But did you know that he reportedly blamed her parent’s for their divorce?

Sanjay had apparently accused Richa’s parents of destroying their married life. Keep scrolling further to read an old throwback interview of the actor where he poured his heart out about his failed marriage and more.



While speaking to Movie Magazine in 1993, when Sanjay Dutt was asked if Richa Sharma’s illness is the reason behind their divorce, he had said, “These accusations are false. I’m not the kind of a man who stops loving his wife if she loses her hair. These allegations are made up to evoke a reaction from me. The kind of encouragement I have given Richa, I don’t think anybody else has.”

Talking about their failed marriage, Sanjay Dutt was quoted as saying, “My marriage with Richa is over. We cannot get back together again. I’ve got nothing against Richa, but her parents have damaged our lives. They interfered too much. They have hurled so many accusations at me.”

Elaborating further on the problems, Sanjay said, “Basically, it’s her (Richa) sister, who’s doing all the talking and has created a lot of bad blood between us. So, it’s a problem between a husband and a wife. If there have to be some compromises, it has to be between Richa and me. Who the hell is she to interfere?”

Speaking of his bitter equation with Richa Sharma, Sanjay Dutt was quoted as saying, “Even before she got cancer, she used to crib a lot ‘I hate India..’ and that kind of shit. ‘I don’t like staying here.. In New York, my father this.. my father that..’ She would keep asking me, ‘Why do you need to work till 10 in the night? I don’t like the pattern of your work. Why can’t you come home at 8’o clock?'” Look, she has been an actress herself. She knows how the industry works. People feel that our marriage suffered because Richa fell seriously ill. On the contrary, I thought her illness would bring us together. But her family spoilt it.”

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