Salman Khan Once Threatened A Female Journalist For Not Publishing His Interview After He Gave Her A 'Forced' Ride To Her Home Saying
When Salman Khan Gave A Female Journalist A ‘Forced Ride’ To Her Home Allegedly Threatening Her ( Photo Credit – Facebook )

Salman Khan is a man who has always struggled to maintain his public image. After the infamous Hit and Run case and Blackbuck Case, things turned against him for the worse, if not better. After launching Being Human, the actor gradually changed his public persona and became humble enough to accept his past mistakes and misdeeds over the years in his interviews.

However, the internet is a place where you can never bury the past. It has all the sins registered in its memory, and this Pandora’s box seems to never let bygones be bygones.

We caught hold of one such rare and problematic anecdote about Salman Khan. The actor who now seems to school people on ethics and morals on the reality show Bigg Boss has once done every misdeed that is possible. One such horrible one was narrated by a reputed journalist in his book.

In the book Name Place Animal Thing, journalist Mayank Shekhar wrote about a rather strange and problematic story he heard about the Sultan actor. This story was even acknowledged by him on his social media account once upon a time, and this story involves Bhai, and his regularly reported problematic behavior with women in general in those years.

The anecdote said, “I’d just heard about how film star Salman Khan had insisted he drops a journalist back home after a long interview. It wasn’t too late in the evening. She didn’t particularly fancy a chivalrous ride. But he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He’s a bit of a brat like that.”

Did the journalist agree? Well, yes, of course, because who says no to Bhai? The anecdote further said, “She gave up. They drove together. She found the spot where she needed to be dropped. He insisted on driving her right up to her building’s gate and asked her to specifically point out the floor she stayed in.”

What came next will be as surprising and chilling for anyone as it was for that female journo. In fact, she must have been scared and traumatized by what the Kisi Ka Bhai Kisi Ki Jaan actor said next. Before the journalist stepped out of the car, Salman said, “Now I know where you live,” he told her. Sweetly. “The interview I just gave you? Don’t publish it.” By all accounts, the piece never saw the color of print.”

Funny? No! Threat? Definitely Yes. But since the name of the journalist who had to go through this insane behavior never came out, we think she preferred it that way for the safety of her as well as her personal life.

Regarding the man Salman Khan is now, we wonder, like all the innumerable acknowledgments he has made in the past, will he ever mention this one? Only if he remembers that he once made someone this uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, if you still are dicey about whether to believe this or not, here’s an excerpt from Name Place Animal Thing.

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