When Yash Chopra Had Locked Rani Mukerji's Parents As She Rejected To Work On Saathiya
When Rani Mukerji’s Parents Were Locked In A Room By Yash Chopra Because She Refused To Work On The Movie Saathiya(Photo Credit: wikimedia/Still From Movie)

Bollywood’s ‘Babli’, Rani Mukerji had started her career in B-town with her debut film, ‘Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat. Since then she was just unstoppable! From ‘Veer Zara’ to ‘Chalte Chalte’, the actress has given us some spectacular performances. The movie Saathiya was one of them. However, the movie holds quite a hilarious incident that happened with the actress and it involves Yash Chopra in it!

Check out to know, what had happened with the ‘Bunty And Babli’ fame and why does it involve the B-town’s most famous director.



So, we know that Rani Mukerji is an excellent and a very successful actress, but there was a time when she had no work for eight months after her film ‘Mujhe Dosti Karogi’ had performed terribly in the box office. So, when Saathiya came on her way, she need a lot of pursuing to accept the film and that’s how director Yash Chopra took it onto him to make her say a yes to the film! Well, he did it in quite a unique way, by involving her parents.

In a throwback interview with News 18, Rani Mukerji had taken a trip down her memory lane to when Yash Chopra had convinced her to do the film, Rani had disclosed, “A lot of film critics and magazines had written me off and they said ‘her career’s over’ and I was okay with that. I was like probably they are right but I’m not going to give up. I’m going to take up something that my heart believes in. Then luckily Saathiya came along and I remember Yash (Chopra) uncle calling my parents to the office.”

The ‘Paheli’ actress had further shared that Yash had explained to her that she was doing a big blunder by rejecting the movie and had shut her parents in a room till she said yes to the movie.

“My parents had gone to tell Yash uncle that ‘Rani is not interested to do this film’. He called me up and said, ‘Beta, you’re making a very big mistake. I’m locking the door of my room and I’m not letting your parents out till you say yes to the film’. And I thank him for that,” Rani said.

Well, that’s how we got Saathiya with the versatile actress Rani in it!

What do you think about Yash Chopra locking up Rani Mukerji’s parents in a room for a film? Let us know in the comments below!

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