When A Journalist Stole Masaba Gupta’s Birth Certificate As Neena Gupta Has Refused To Reveal Her Father’s Name
When Neena Gupta Revealed How A Journalist Published Masaba Gupta’s Father’s Name By Stealing Birth Certificate (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Neena Gupta has been a trailblazer forever and never shied away from breaking glass ceilings and stereotypes. She created a massive buzz when she welcomed her daughter Masaba Gupta without getting married first. She made the bold decision of raising her child on her own, and despite the backlash she received back then, it did not deter her spirit. The actress was also adamant about not revealing the name of her daughter’s father, but a popular journalist did so by stealing her birth certificate.

Masaba and Neena attended an interview with famous journalist Rajdeep Sardesai around 2018. Both the divas shared their feelings about how the media treated them and what they felt about it.

Neena Gupta welcomed Masaba Gupta in 1989. Sir Vivian Richards is the father of the popular designer, but the actress raised her daughter as a single mother. Neena and Viv never got married, and she was adamant not to reveal his name as the father of her child while she was carrying Masaba. But during the interview, Neena narrated how popular journalist Pritish Nandy stole her birth certificate and presented the report as a ‘breaking news!’

During the conversation, Neena Gupta said that her aunt had submitted the birth certificate at the government office. When she went to take it back, she learned that Pritish Nandy had sent someone as an impersonator and procured the documents. “So she went after one week and they said, ‘Wo toh le gaye aapke koi rishtedaar.’ By chance, I knew somebody who knew that person, usse pata chala ke he sent somebody and then he wrote an article. Wo padhe likhe log aisa karte hai toh tumhara toh kya bolenge.” She called him a b*stard but the damage was done. A Reddit page shared a glimpse of the interview recently, and it has stunned everyone.

Masaba Gupta also revealed that she hated the hypocrisy of women who adjusted with husbands who had extra-marital affairs but had the audacity of calling her an illegitimate child.

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Neena Gupta talks about the time when a well reputed reporter (Pritish Nandy) stole Masaba Gupta’s birth certificate and published the name of the father in a weekly magazine.
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