When Mumtaz Recalled A Climax Scene From Film Roti Where Rajesh Khanna Had To Carry Her Through Snow
When Mumtaz Recalled A Funny Anecdote From Film Roti Where Rajesh Khanna Had To Carry Her Through Snow (Photo Credit: IMDb)


Late actor Rajesh Khanna was the first superstar of Indian cinema. He had a massive fan following and were much loved by his fans. His chemistry with his leading ladies was impeccable. However, his pairing with Mumtaz received the most love.

The late superstar and Mumtaz have worked together in 10 films out of which 8 were superhits. At the time of his death, the actress revealed an anecdote from the climax scene of the 1974 film Roti. Scroll down to know what she said.


In the climax scene of the film Roti, Rajesh Khanna had to carry the actress on his shoulder and walk through the snow, which took eight days to shoot. Talking about the scene, she said to Mumbai Mirror, “When we were shooting the climax of Manmohan Desai’s Roti, he was meant to carry me on his shoulders and run through the snow. Each morning when we’d start shooting, he’d say, ‘Aye moti, chal aaja (aye fatty, come on).’ And I’d jump onto his shoulders. We did this for eight days. I stood tall at 5’7”, and wasn’t skinny, so by the end of it, he had a red patch on his left shoulder. We laughed through it all.”




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