When Kangana Ranaut Said "Doing One Song With Shah Rukh Khan Or Aamir Khan More Useful Than National Award"
When Kangana Ranaut Said “Doing One Song With Shah Rukh Khan Or Aamir Khan More Useful Than National Award” (Photo Credit: Instagram/Kangana Ranaut, Facebook/Shah Rukh Khan & Aamir Khan)

There are very few Bollywood celebrities who do not shy away from voicing their opinion. Kangana Ranaut is a perfect example of the same. The actress is currently grabbing many headlines for her interviews, bold statements and her tweets. If you think she’s this opinionated person in the past few years, you are wrong. The Tejas actress was always this vocal since the beginning.


In 2013, Kangana made a statement about Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan that grabbed many eyeballs. She made this statement while talking about numerous awards she won, including the National Award for Fashion.


In an interaction with Rajeev Masand in 2013, Kangana Ranaut was asked why she rejected the movie Dirty Picture. The actress believed she would look sleazy in the role and it was similar to her movie Fashion. The actress stated, “If I would have done the film, it would not have been such a big success.”

Kangana Ranaut was asked how she has won a lot of awards in such a short time in the industry. At that time, she had at least 22 awards that she won. The Tejas actress first responded that she doesn’t take awards seriously. “Sometimes the worst actor could be the biggest star, and everyone would suck up to that person,” stated the actress.

KR also talked about being out of work despite having so many awards. That’s when she made the statement that got everyone’s attention. The actress had said, “I think what really works here is doing one song with Shah Rukh Khan or Aamir Khan which seems to be more useful than getting a national award!”

A lot of leading ladies have worked with all three Khans. Kangana Ranaut has not worked with either Shah Rukh Khan and Aamir Khan. The superstars didn’t react to her statement back then.

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