When Irrfan Said “Bollywood Enjoys Demonising Me" Due To His Devilish Looks, But Hollywood Filmmakers Wanted To Cast Him In Sensitive RolesWhen Irrfan Said “Bollywood Enjoys Demonising Me" Due To His Devilish Looks, But Hollywood Filmmakers Wanted To Cast Him In Sensitive Roles, "They Want To Cast Me As The Good Guy"
When Irrfan Said “Bollywood Enjoys Demonising Me” Due To His Devilish Looks, But Hollywood Filmmakers Wanted To Cast Him In Sensitive Roles, “They Want To Cast Me As The Good Guy” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Late actor Irrfan is known for his natural acting style and ability to portray complex characters in films. He has appeared in virtually every kind of cinema, ranging from mainstream Bollywood to international arthouse. When he died three years ago, several celebrities, including those from Hollywood, expressed their sadness at the loss.

His collaborators were generally quite complimentary of him. He continued to be one of India’s most well-known actor exports due to his high-profile roles in blockbuster movie series like Jurassic World and Spider-Man. However, he once recalled how Bollywood loved to portray him as devilish in films.

On Raveena Tandon’s show, It’s My Life, Irrfan received a special recorded welcome from Marc Webb, who directed him in The Amazing Spider-Man. “Irrfan’s importance in Hollywood is an interesting thing,” the (500) Days of Summer filmmaker said. “A lot of directors are really starting to take notice of him and are looking for roles for Irrfan because he’s got such a wonderful reputation. There’s a show he did here [in the US] called In Treatment, and you really got to see his wonderful abilities. Whether it’s Danny Boyle or Ang Lee, really very strong directors are starting to take notice of this star who comes from a land that some view as exotic and far away from us. But you realize with actors like Irrfan how close they really are. Irrfan, it’s good to see you again. I hope you’re doing well, and my best to you and your family.”

Irrfan and Hollywood icon Tom Hanks collaborated on the third film in the Robert Langdon trilogy, Inferno. Hanks wrote him a handwritten note before the production began, expressing his joy at working with the actor. In a press conference, the kind Hanks also shared with the public his praise for Irrfan’s talent.

“Here’s what I hate about Irrfan Khan…” Tom Hanks said. “I always think I’m the coolest guy in the room, and everybody’s hanging on to every word I say, and everybody’s a little intimidated to be in my presence. And then Irrfan Khan walks into the room. And he’s the coolest guy in the room. And as soon as I walked up to him, I said, ‘Irrfan Khan, I’m going to steal from you everything I possibly can. I’m going to start speaking very quietly in films. I’m going to wear a very nice suit. And I will draw out the last sound of every sentence that I say.’ And by doing that, I will be doing a very pale imitation of the coolest guy in the room.”

During a conversation with Financial Express in 2009, Irrfan Khan expressed concern that Bollywood began to see him as a potential leading man only after he bagged awards for his performance in The Warrior. He said, “Bollywood enjoys demonising me, though I have no clue why. Maybe they think that my looks are devilish, but the international filmmakers find me perfect to play sensitive human characters, and they want to cast me as the good guy.” But Irrfan categorically dismissed the notion of relocating to Los Angeles. He insisted that he could see a successful future for himself now that he had the ability to make choices.

Irrfan Khan starred in well-known Hindi films, including Piku, Hindi Medium, and Paan Singh Tomar. After a two-year fight with cancer, he passed away in 2020.

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