When Geeta Basra Reconsidered Relationship With Harbhajan Singh Because She’d Heard ‘Stories’ About Cricketers
When Geeta Basra Reconsidered Relationship With Harbhajan Singh Because She’d Heard ‘Stories’ About Cricketers (PC: Instagram)

Bollywood and cricket is the best possible combination. And when there are couples from the best of both worlds, entire country is celebrating. We’ve seen it with Tiger Pataudi, Sharmila Tagore as well as Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli. Similar is the case with Geeta Basra and Harbhajan Singh. But did you know the actress was reconsidering her relationship at a point in time? Read on for details!


There was a time when there were certain myths about cricketers too. People used to think of them as having girlfriends, and a massive fan girl base going crazy for them. Geeta too reconsidered the relationship because of the same reason.


Geeta Basra told Times Of India, “I started missing my family and I was not focussed into having a relationship. Plus, I was very skeptical of entering into a relationship with a cricketer because you get to hear many stories like- they are flamboyant, have girlfriends and girls line up to meet them.”

During the conversation, Geeta Basra also revealed facing a dent in career because of her relationship with Harbhajan Singh. “Trust me, it was not an easy time for me. Those days were very different. Being linked to someone was a very big thing. I remember a very big actress who got married in those days had to leave a film because that movie’s producers were worried that she would soon become pregnant. On similar lines, I had got lots of offers after my debut film The Train but they never made a headway.”

She continued, “I was facing stiff challenges. I was not an established actor. It took me a hell of a long time to justify that I am not marrying in near future. Not that I was replaced by a star kid or an established actor, but yes I was replaced by someone or the other. And mind you, two of those 4 films which I consequently lost went on to become hits.”

Harbhajan Singh and Geeta Basra are expecting their second child. The couple is already blessed with a daughter.

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