Kajol Is Rude To Her Fans? A Fan Once Recalled Her Indifferent Behavior To Her Brother Suffering From Autism
A Fan Once Recalled Kajol Being Rude To A Autism Person & Called Her ‘Insufferable’’(Pic Credit: Instagram/kajol)

Kajol is considered one of the most down to earth and loving Bollywood celebrities out there. From interacting with fans to even at times clicking pics with them, the Fanaa actress has always given and received love from her fans. However, one fan has something not so pleasant to say about her.

In an encounter shared on Reddit, a fan of the actress recalled a not so pleasant incident involving her. The fan claimed the Tanhaji actress was extremely rude to her autistic brother and even said ‘nautanki band karo’ to his face. Read all about it here.

In a Reddit post shared by BollyBlindsNGossip, fans recalled some of their rudest experiences when meeting celebrities. One of the experiences included interaction with Kajol. Recalling the episode that had her autistic brother interact with the Kuch Kuch Hota Hai actress, a user had written they have a brother who is on the autism spectrum disorder. After years of having a difficult life, people finally started accepting him and he even ended up getting a job at a high-end restaurant in Juhu that is frequented by celebs.

Noting that their autistic brother is a huge fan of Kajol, and usually watches her films of multiple times and that it brings him joy. The fan recalled the incident writing, “Yesterday, Kajol came with a couple of friends to the restaurant he worked at, he was overjoyed. He usually gets backend duties because he is good with numbers but they allowed him to handle the bill once the dinner was finished.”

The fan continued, “All he wanted to say was that Kajol brought him a lot of happiness and that he wished the best for her future. My brother was overwhelmed and started crying, but all she did was say ‘hogaya? Ab nautanki ban karo aur bill loh!’ And she complained to the manager about employing people like him.” Unhappy with how the actress behaved with her brother, the fan noted, “With the bottom of my heart, [expletive] you Kajol. You couldn’t even say thank you. It’s not like he interrupted you while eating.”

The fan added, “I hope and pray no one treat you like you treated my brother and you shall have more awareness about what my brother is going through in the future. A lot of celebrities have come to the restaurant he works in, some even bigger than you, but guess what? A large about of them might have demands but ate at least not insufferable like you.”

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