Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri gives firey response to a writer who blames the kashmir files a propoganda film
Vivek Agnihotri Slams A Writer For Calling ‘The Kashmir Files’ A Propoganda Film: “I Openly Challenge You…” (Picture Credit: Instagram)

Indian filmmaker Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri has time and again shared his opinion on issues that celebrities shy away to talk about. His last year’s blockbuster, ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been loved by some and is questioned by some. Several big critics, writers, and audiences have heavily praised the filmmaker for raising conversations on the issues that have been suppressed but there are some who question Vivek Agnihotri’s intention for making these films.

Regardless, the director has a reply for all. Taking to social media, when a writer from a propaganda-based web portal ‘The Wire’ wrote “Kashmir Files and Kerala Story are not films but state-sponsored propaganda.

Indoctrination of society, one film at a time.

Love-Jihad is nothing but an Islamophobic conspiracy theory.

Repeat after me –

Love-Jihad is a lie

Love-Jihad is propaganda”

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To which Vivek Agnihotri replied “OPEN CHALLENGE:

Since as an alleged journalist you mentioned #TheKashmirFiles, I openly challenge you to do a podcast with me and prove which frame, dialogue, shot, scene or FACT is not TRUE?

Friends, till such time please ask her to stop this TERRORIST SPONSORED PROPAGANDA.”

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Meanwhile Vivek Agnihotri lauded Sudipto Sen’s ‘The Kerala Story‘ starring Adah Sharma and others in pivotal roles. He stood beside the film while everyone was boycotting.

The Kashmir Files by Vivek Agnihotri has received numerous honours and awards from both the public and the critics. Zed Cine Awards 2023 for “Best Film,” “Best Screenplay,” “Best Actor,” and “Best Actor in Negative Role” Awards were his most recent addition to the awards. In the meantime, Vivek Agnihotri is preparing for the release of The Vaccine War, one of the most anticipated films ever made, which is scheduled for August 15, 2023 in 11 languages.

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