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Vineet Kumar Singh’s Inspiring Message: “Each One Can Save One – At Least Try Once” – Deets Inside (Pic Credit: Instagram/vineet_ksofficial)

“Mukkabaaz” actor Vineet Kumar Singh, who is also an Ayurveda physician, has constantly been trying to help people with bed, oxygen, medicines through social media, during the ongoing Covid crisis. He says this is how a powerful platform as social media ought to be used.

“I am so glad that in the last few months requests of beds, oxygen and other things from the needy — especially the family of Covid-19 patients — are being shared as much as possible, and those needs are being fulfilled. On social media, people are putting up posts and there are good people standing by each other. Many of my friends and I are doing the same. This is how social media should be used during crisis like a global pandemic, for help and support,” Vineet told IANS.



Being a doctor who also suffered from Covid earlier, Vineet Kumar Singh also emphasised on mental health and how stress and anxiety could possibly affect the body and breathing and, in turn, blood pressure and oxygen levels.

“We, as doctors are trained to handle crisis first. Remember, if you are a youngster, middle-aged with no other medical complications like heart disease or diabetes, and if you have good immunity, then your possibility of quick recovery from Covid would be higher with home care. Staying strong, not panicking, protein-heavy food, breathing exercise, taking steam, and consuming certain herbs are mentioned in Ayurveda, too. These help in recovery. The more anxious and stressed our body gets, (the more it) affects our heart and blood pressure and, naturally, oxygen level. I know it is tough to stay positive and strong amidst the crisis, but what else can we do?” shared Vineet Kumar Singh.

Vineet says he has a chain of volunteers in different cities including Mumbai, Pune and his native city Varanasi, besides many other cities in Uttar Pradesh, where he is constantly helping people.

“One of the problems is the numbers available online are not always working. Out of five phone numbers, maybe be one responds quickly. So, we are trying to generate that source to the needy, so that one does not have to hustle by calling too many sources to find out,” he said.

“Verifying information is another matter, and when one is in need of injection or oxygen, we are only going by prescription. Always remember, if you have recovered from Covid-19, you are a warrior. Donate plasma, and help another person in need. Each one can save one — at least try once,” Vineet Kumar Singh signed off.

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