After the gargantuan success of PK, Dangal and Secret Superstar, Aamir Khan has become a superstar in China, with a huge fan base in the country. His films have achieved success unlike any other Indian film released in China. Considering the actor’s popularity and success at the China box office, it’s not surprising that the makers of Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Thugs Of Hindostan would want to use the actor’s successive streak to the film’s advantage.

According to a report by Mid-day, the makers even plan on releasing the movie in India and China simultaneously, along with a grand promotional strategy in China with the lead actors.

Thugs Of Hindostan To Simultaneously Release In India And China: Can It Surpass Dangal
Thugs Of Hindostan To Simultaneously Release In India & China: Can It Surpass Dangal?

According to Mid-day’s source, the tour will last for over a week and would involve unveiling a new song from the film. The source said, “The producers are in the process of formulating special promotional plans for the movie. Aamir is apparently keen to travel to China for a week or so, and headline a few events so that he can generate buzz about the film among the audience. He is likely to unveil a song in one of the promotional events in the country.”

Another reason for the simultaneous release, according to the source, is to avoid piracy and to maximise their box office collections. He explained, “Aamir’s Chinese fans keep tracking his films and download them as soon as they release in India. Since piracy hampers the box-office figures, the producers have decided to release Thugs Of Hindostan simultaneously.”

The film’s spokesperson said, as quoted by Mid-day, “We are formulating the China release strategy, but it will definitely be the biggest release of an Indian film in China, befitting Aamir Khan’s stature in that part of the world.”

Thugs Of Hindostan is one of the most awaited films of the year, and is expected to cross the 400 crore mark in India at the very least. With its release in China, the film has a chance of surpassing Dangal and reaching 2000 crores at the worldwide box office, a feat yet to be achieved by any other Indian film yet.

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