The Kerala Story: Did Kamal Haasan Change His Views On Adah Sharma Starrer?
The Kerala Story: Did Kamal Haasan Change His Views On Adah Sharma Starrer? (Photo Credit –Instagram)

The Kerala Story controversy has been taking new turns with every passing event, as many celebrities have opposed it so far. Talking about arguments, Kamal Haasan’s statements against the Adah Sharma starrer do not seem to be ending anytime soon, given the actor supported the movie’s ban in several states. He recently asked people to watch the movie but go with “suspended disbelief.”

Ahead of its release in theatres, The Kerala Story sparked a debate among people owing to its plot. Soon after the movie hit the theatres, viewers were left divided as some supported the story based on true incidents, while others claimed it spread Islamophobia.



Veteran actor Kamal Haasan has continuously opposed the movie and expressed his views against it. As in the last few statements, the actor called out the film’s authenticity and mentioned how a movie could not be based on true events if it is written on its poster. Recently, the Vikram star said, “audience should go to watch a film like The Kerala Story with suspended disbelief.”

As per India Today, the actor said he would not ban any movie in any region but rather ask people to understand the film’s purpose. He said, “I wouldn’t ban any film, let them talk. I would try to tell people to understand the film and what is the purpose of the film. That’s what I am doing when people ask me about… because my film was banned in Tamil Nadu, Vishwaroopam. People are still wondering why it was banned.”

He continued, “There was a case between Raj Kamal Films and the Tamil Nadu government. We won the case and released the film. I wouldn’t advocate banning any film. As a matter of fact, I was one of the strong advocates in turning the certification board into a censor board and banning or editing films.” For the unversed, Haasan has been continuously calling The Kerala Story a propaganda film.

During the event, the actor added that ‘India is a free country and a film can be certified but not banned’. He said, “Audiences should go to watch a film like The Kerala Story with suspended disbelief and then think.”

It seems that Kamal Haasan has changed his views about the movie as he did not bash it this time. The actor had earlier claimed that the movie was based on 32,000 women, but later it was changed to three. Now, the actor said, he has not watched the movie but he believes certain things could have happened. He said, “I have not seen the film but have heard of what people have spoken of it. From what I could derive, certain things could have happened but you cannot increase or exaggerate numbers or make it look like a national crisis.”

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