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As many as six action films in the 10 films which have netted more than Rs. 100 crore in India.

There was a time in the seventies and eighties when action films used to be considered relatively safer bets. That’s because action fares used to work very well in the smaller centres, which was where the money came from. Things changed with the multiplex culture setting in. The shares given by multiplexes, which had mostly come up in big and medium-sized cities, became so huge that the business of smaller centres became quite insignificant. Slowly but surely, the tastes of the multiplex-frequenting audiences also changed and because the multiplexes were where the moolah was, filmmakers started making films to cater to the tastes of those audiences. It was felt, action films were not to the liking of the multiplex crowds who seemed to prefer comedies and love stories. But even that has now changed. Action seems to have come back into fashion. Of course, while the public in the ‘B’ and ‘C’ class centres doesn’t mind action films like they used to be made 10-20 years ago, the multiplex public is more discerning and will give an action flick the thumbs up if it has style and finesse. But one thing is for sure – today, even the multiplex audience would go to watch an out-and-out action film if it matches up to its tastes.


Probably, that explains why there are as many as six action films in the 10 films which have netted more than Rs. 100 crore in India. The six action fares in the 100-crore club are Ghajini, Dabangg, Singham, Bodyguard, Don 2 and Agneepath (which crossed the coveted mark on 5 February 2012). The other four films which have surpassed the Rs. 100-crore mark are 3 Idiots, Golmaal 3, Ready and Ra.One.

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