Sushant Singh Rajput Tribute Songmaker Feels The Actor Has Been Forgotten As Drug Angle Took Over
Sushant Singh Rajput Tribute Songmaker Feels The Actor Has Been Forgotten As Drug Angle Took Over

Denmark-based singer and entrepreneur Arian Romal has created a tribute song dedicated to late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. The song highlights the ongoing social media movement seeking the truth about his death. Romal feels the recent focus on the alleged Bollywood drug links is taking away attention from the death probe.

The song titled “We Roar” is meant to contribute to the #JusticeForSSR movement, defined by the line, “Take rest now, we will keep this fight go on…”

However, while planning to collaborate with Mumbai-based musicians for the song, Romal, who is currently in the city, did not have a pleasant experience.

“I know plenty of musicians from India and many of them on a personal level. They come and meet me at my place and studio just to chill. I called a few of them and told them about my idea of a tribute song for Sushant, and offered them to collaborate with me. While some said they are busy, others rejected saying they didn’t want to get into this thing with Sushant,” Arian Romal told IANS.

“This irritated me a lot because when the news of Sushant‘s death came out three months ago, everyone was rushing to make a tribute song about him. But when the case started changing from suicide to something else, and it has become so much bigger now, suddenly all of them are hiding,” he added.

“I don’t want to mention names because it is not a good thing but at least eight to nine of the people I called for the song always complain to me saying how bad the industry is and how much they are being used. Now, when they can actually do something, they are just running away. We are all artistes, Sushant was also an artist. Honestly, I expected some of them to collaborate with me. Only then can we send across the message that if something happens to any of us, we will stand united in support for the person,” Romal added, with a tone of disappointment in his voice.

The investigation of Sushant’s death has taken a turn towards a probe into Bollywood’s alleged drug links. The purpose of the song “We Roar” is a reminder that the late actor’s fans need to roar out loud to ensure the truth behind his death is unearthed, revealed the singer-composer.

“This drug angle and everything is coming out but I think people are slowly forgetting what #JusticeforSSR stands for. It is not about tracking down the entire drug industry within Bollywood, but about finding out how Sushant died, what had happened to him. We need to bring back the movement to find the truth about Sushant. Honestly, I don’t care if Karan Johar is doing drugs or whatever they are showing on TV, because that is a different case. I am concerned about Sushant’s case right now. We need to bring that back to people’s mind,” Romal said.

Composed by Arian Romal, “We Roar” has been penned by him along with Tia Bajpai, who has also lent her voice to the number. Talking about the song, Romal shared: “I am a musician and the best way I can pay tribute to Sushant is by making a song. Tia is the only musician who agreed to collaborate with me immediately when I offered her the song. In the video, we have captured different emotions of Sushant, his happiness, anger, fun — everything. That’s why we have used his footages in the video.”

He also informed that the entire song was created within just one-and-a-half days.

“We Roar” was released on September 19 and has garnered over 1,30,000 views and 3,400 likes in just two days.

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