Sushant Singh Rajput News: Rhea Chakraborty’s Lawyer REVEALS, "Medication Was Administered When Family Knew He Was Undergoing Treatment"
Sushant Singh Rajput News: Rhea Chakraborty’s Lawyer REVEALS, “Medication Was Administered When Family Knew He Was Undergoing Treatment” (Pic credit – Rhea Chakraborty/ Instagram;  Sushant Singh Rajput/ Facebook)

Earlier today we told you that the Mumbai Police had filed an affidavit with the Bombay High Court stating that they were duty-bound to register an FIR by actress Rhea Chakraborty against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters. They said that the complaint filed by the actress was for a specific offence, that is having forged a prescription and administered medicines illegally.


As per the filing by the Mumbai Police, a couple of days before Sushant’s death, his sisters allegedly procured medicines that have been banned under the Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances. The affidavit revealed that Dr Tarun Kumar (from Delhi) readily prescribed the medication without having any prior knowledge of Sushant’s condition and mental health.


Now we bring you more about the FIR filed Rhea Chakraborty against Sushant Singh Rajput’s sisters. As per a statement by Rhea’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde, the medicines that were to be taken were conveyed to Sushant via messages by Priyanka Singh June 8, 2020. The report further states that when SSR expressed his inability to obtain the medication without a prescription, the sister received a fraudulent prescription from a known doctor who is not a mental health expert. It also said that the doctor prescribed the medication without any consultation, thus falling under the NDPS Act by falsely depicting that SSR was an OPD registered person, when in fact, the actor was in Mumbai.

Satish Maneshinde also mentioned that Rhea Chakraborty’s FIR stressed that these medicines by Sushant Singh Rajput’s sister were administered when the family knew that the actor was addicted to drugs and under treatment in Mumbai.

The laywer’s statement revealed that Sushant was consulting five Doctors in Mumbai who had advised him to abstain from Narcotic Substances as he was being treated for mental health issues. Since SSR refused to accede to Rhea Chakraborty’s suggestion to follow the advice of the Mumbai Doctors, her departure from SSR home was inevitable.

Rhea Chakraborty’s lawyer, Satish Maneshinde concluded his statement saying that “The replies filed by CBI and Mumbai Police are before you all. It is for the Nation to determine who is carrying out their duties according to law and who is colluding with whom. Satya Meva Jayate.”

The Bombay High Court is hearing the matter tomorrow, Wednesday, November 2020.

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