Siddharth Anand Stuck In A Twisted Custodial Battle With The Biological Mother Of His Adopted Baby
Siddharth Anand In A Custodial Battle With The Biological Mother Of His Adopted Child

Legal battles or divorce cases are a common thing in the tinsel town. Many celebs have taken the legal way in order to claim the custody of their child/children. This time around, it’s the ace filmmaker Siddharth Anand, who is stuck in a complicated custodial battle of sorts.

For the unversed, On September 2017, the Borivali Railway Police found a mentally unwell woman aged 30 years breastfeeding a year-old boy child at Borivali railway station. On observing closely, the railway police authorities also found that the child was physically abused and tortured as well. Wasting no time, the concerned authorities at the Borivali Railway Police Station handed over the child to CWC (Child Welfare Committee) in Mumbai. On the other hand, the child’s mother was taken to ‘Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation’, located in Vengaon village, Karjat.



The Child Welfare Committee, then, with the help of FSC (Family Service Centre) placed the said baby boy for adoption. And, it was filmmaker Siddharth Anand and his family who adopted the child. And, in no time, they became emotionally attached to the child and vice versa. But, now according to the latest reports in Bollywood Hungama, the mother is showing immense signs of progress, both mentally and physically.

Also, the rehab informed the Family Service Centre that the mother has started searching for his child. And that it would only be advisable that they (Family Service Centre) hand over the child back to the mother, whose relatives from Bihar were in touch with her through video calls on a daily basis. Besides all this, the CWC asked for the DNA test to be done of the child and mother. The results of the DNA tests done at J J Hospital confirmed the biological relationship between the mother and child, which means that Siddharth Anand might have to hand the baby back.

On December 1st 2020, at the CWC hearing, director Siddharth was accompanied by a local politician and a journalist besides his advocate. However, they were informed that the mother of the child had the right to get back her baby as she had recovered completely. The CWC ordered the police to separate the baby boy from Siddharth’s family and place him in a government-run orphanage [Asha Orphanage]. However, the same night, apparently the police went to Asha Sadan, took the custody of the child and handed him back to Siddharth’s family.

The present-day situation is that the child is still with Siddharth Anand and his family, whose undyingly seamless emotional attachment towards the child has made them ready to go to any length to retain the child. On the other hand, the officials at the Shraddha Rehabilitation Foundation are hoping every day and every minute that the baby boy is rightfully handed over to his mother, who has constantly been asking about the child and nothing else.

Repeated calls and messages to Siddharth yielded no results. We absolutely understand what the director and his family must be going through. What do you think of this situation?

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