Shruti Seth shares her takeaway from Rajasthan trip amid pandemic
Shruti Seth Is Home Quarantined After A 3-Week Trip In Rajasthan

After spending almost three weeks in Rajasthan, actress Shruti Seth is back home. On Tuesday, the actress took to Instagram and shared her experience of flying amid the pandemic.

“The new normal. The one big change and not a good one has been travelling during #covid_19 We went to Rajasthan for a 3 week vacay (much needed and highly recommended: one doesn’t realise how therapeutic it is to get out and breathe till you actually do it).

Flying out was very uncomfortable since we all wore PPE gear the whole time, right from entering Bombay airport till we landed in Udaipur. That’s around 5 hours or so. Bombay airport was crowded, the line to enter was really long but once we got in @vistara flight was very smooth. We spent most of our time in the lounge to avoid crowds. Luckily we got first row seats so that was good as well,” she wrote.

“On the way back life was much easier since Udaipur was relatively empty; also this time we didn’t wear PPEs except for me that too once we boarded and I was in the middle seat. Again the first row really helped. There was in-flight service but we chose to eat our own packed food. Landing in Bombay was again a nightmare with tonnes of people maintaining no social distancing and the exit line was ridiculously long,” Shruti added.

Shruti is currently quarantined at home. ” We got stamped on the way out for Home Quarantine, which is what we’re doing now. Phew,” she added.

She shared her takeaway from the trip.

“Takeaway from this experience: -Glad we got out for a few weeks.

-The world has adapted efficiently

-Travel is now an uncomfortable chore

-Fly business class if affordable

-be responsible for your own safety that’s the only way to get around anything now.

-Wear a mask and a face shield

-Sanitise hands regularly

-Avoid touching surfaces,” she wrote.

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