Shreya Ghoshal Says Remixes Lack Originality & Excitement
Shreya Ghoshal Talks About The Trend Of Remixes & How She Finds Them Worse(Pic Credit: Instagram/shreyaghoshal)

One can’t be a Bollywood fan and not know Shreya Ghoshal. The soulful voice has enthralled music lover for the major part of the past 2 decades, ever since she came to the limelight with Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Devdas. While she remains to be on the top of her game, and we can’t see anyone near her, there is one thing about the music industry now that she finds is worst.


Shreya has been in the system long enough to know the flaws and what can be done to better them. Recently the singer, who has numerous hit tracks to her name, in varied genres, opened up on the worst aspect according to her. Shreya in her latest chat has called out the trend of remixes and expressed how they take put creativity out of the room and become monotonous. Read on to know everything that the Ghoomar singer has to say.


Talking to TOI candidly, when asked what is the worst aspect of the music industry, she says the trend of digging into a formula again and again after it turns out to be successful the first time. She says remixes lack originality, excitement which leave the creative process. In a strong stand, she says we lack the courage and guts to experiment.

Shreya Ghoshal said, “I wish I could change the fact that once a formula becomes successful in the industry, everybody tries to repeat it, and then all the originality and excitement leaves the creative process. You cannot repeat the same formula and hope for the same amount of success. I feel we lack the courage and guts to experiment and that’s why we have these phases in music where only remixes are happening. Then of course, once that phase is over, we go back to experimentation.”

While on that Shreya Ghoshal is not of the opinion that there is nothing good in the industry. She says there are people who think differently. “There are some directors, music composers, producers who think differently and they take a stand to do something different and then another trend starts. I wish we were a bit more courageous and created different kinds of music that we believed in instead of just following trends,” said Ghoshal.

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