Shah Rukh Khan To Shahid Kapoor - Male Celebs Who Opened Up About Mental Health Issues
Indian Men who spoke about their struggles with mental health(Photo Credit –Instagram/wikimedia)

The latest promo of Bigg Boss has sent shock waves across the country where accusations are being made on Shalin Bhanot making fun of Nimrit’s mental health but in reality Shalin responded to Nimrit’s question on why was he aggressive to his mental condition.

While Shalin was courageous enough to come out about his mental condition behind his outburst, Nimrit mistook it for him making fun of her mental condition and took it as a snide remark made by the latter.



This brings to us the big question!? While we go gung ho about feminism & equality, why do we belittle men’s emotions and their honesty. There were several brand campaigns on how men also get hurt, men cry too but in reality of things, when men display these emotions, they are the ones who are wronged.

Right in the beginning of the show, Shalin spoke on national television about how he had been thinking of giving it all up when the pandemic hit and felt lonely and which is why he’d adopted his dog who gave him a new breath of life.

Previously too some Indian men have come out in open about their mental health.

Here’s a quick look on some of the names:

1. None other than Shah Rukh Khan who has it all but also had a phase. In an interview he’d said back in 2010 when he had a round of surgeries due to a shoulder injury, he had got into a depression mode.

2. The OG Gossip Queen of Bollywood, Karan Johar too paid emphasis to mental health during this season of Koffee with Karan, he said there was a phase when he was depressed and went into therapy too. On many occasions he thought, he was getting a cardiac arrest.

3. Shahid Kapoor went on record to say that heartbreak was a hazardous phase in his life after which he suffered from clinical depression.

4. Cricketer Suresh Raina confessed to have had suicidal thoughts, when he found it difficult to cope in the Sports hostel in Lucknow.

5. Actor Amit Sadh did a startling revelation that he attempted suicide about 4 times when he was a teenager. He didn’t have suicidal thoughts, he just woke up one day  and planned to die.

In west too, many actors have started talking about Mental health and it is about time we discuss this and not shove it under the carpet and expect a man to put forth a brave face.

Shalin has gone on record to say that Bigg Boss is his second chance at life after his infamous divorce, there was a time in his life when he wasn’t able to rent a house, because the society members wouldn’t agree.

Shalin spoke about his mental health, we need to cut the boy some slack!

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