Shah Rukh Khan Has An Epic Reply To A Fan Asking About His Underwear Colour
Here’s How Shah Rukh Khan Reacted When A Fan Asked The Colour Of His Underwear (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Talk about wit and humour, and the first name to cross our minds is that of Shah Rukh Khan. This man not only charms us with his persona on-screen, but he is a real Baadshah when it comes to making his fans laugh with his epic replies to fan questions. We love the sudden #AskSRK sessions he holds on Twitter, and it is pure entertainment. After all, fans can ask him anything, even his underwear colour…hahaha!


Well, to beat the working blues after a long colourful Holi weekend, we are glad that SRK had us laughing at his witty replies during his #AskSRK session. Although all his answers are worthy of being considered epic, this particular one which we will be talking about has our heart. Keep scrolling further to know about it.


During the #AskSRK session on Twitter, a fan asked Shah Rukh Khan his underwear colour. In a normal scenario, any actor would get pissed with such a kind of question. I mean, who asks their favourite star their underwear colour? As amused as we were to read this question, we are sure even SRK must be, and hence he came up with an epic reply.

Shah Rukh Khan replied, “I only do these #asksrk for such classy and educated questions.” There, he did it once again! He is a Baadshah indeed. Be it any other actor, maybe they would have chosen to ignore such questions, but Mr Khan knows how to keep his fans happy always. Well, the fan may have been a little embarrassed with his question himself; maybe that is why he/she chose to delete it. But, it was too late as others had already taken a screenshot of the same. Check out the tweet below:

Well, fans have been dying to see Shah Rukh Khan on-screen, and the AskSRK is filled with questions about his next project. Although the witty actor has not revealed anything, but he is giving subtle hints, and we cannot wait to see him in Pathan opposite Deepika Padukone and John Abraham.

Till then, you can stick to Koimoi and check out more stories from #AsSRK in case you missed it on Twitter.

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