Shah Rukh Khan Once Revealed The Real Reason Of Attending Award Shows & It Isn't Trophy
Shah Rukh Khan Shares The Real Reason Behind Attending Award Shows(Pic credit – Shah Rukh Khan/ Instagram )

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most successful actors of Bollywood. Not just commercially viable but the star had always been critics’ favourite too. He has received his due for his acting skills through his unparalleled fandom and of course, the awards. If we speak about his achievements, the actor is in the league of legends like Dilip Kumar and Amitabh Bachchan.

But it’s not just about holding trophies for Shah Rukh. In fact, he once revealed the real reason why he attends award functions. It did have an emotional connect, so try not to shed tears. There’s one video which is going viral on the internet, leaving every SRKian moist-eyed.



The video traces to several years back and has a Kal Ho Naa Ho‘s theme playing in the background and Shah Rukh Khan speaking about the real reason for attending award functions. He says, “I go to award shows and film functions not because I will get an award, or will get money or lakhs and crores of people will be able to watch me, I don’t need it. When I had come to Mumbai for the first time, I had said, ‘I come here because there is a very big stage, I want to reach out to my parents through that stage’. Because my parents are very far away.”

Shah Rukh Khan continued, “There are times when I want to look up to them and tell them, ‘Mom, Dad, I made it very big and I wish you were here to see this. If I say that from the environs of my house or just from my studios, maybe they won’t be able to hear me. So I come out into this open so that I can see one of the stars who is my mom and one of my stars who is my father and they can look down upon me and feel very happy.”

Check out the video below:

Now, that’s really sweet of him and we are sure that Shah Rukh Khan’s parents would be watching all of his success!

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