Shah Rukh Khan takes a bike ride with his daughter.
Shah Rukh Khan takes a bike ride with his daughter Suhana.

In response to the post From Loving Shah Rukh Khan To Liking Salman Khan, by one of’s guest bloggers, we carry a few heartfelt words by a Shah Rukh fan.

People claim that they are Shah Rukh Khan fans, but they are not really loyal at all. A loyal fan likes his favourite actor always, even if he makes mistakes. After all he is just a human. I could not believe how people talked bad about Shah Rukh when he tried to do something different, bring something different to his country. Instead of applauding his bravery, some people mocked him. If he over-promoted Ra.One, he did it because he wanted to inform the public of a new product. Same was not the case with Don 2 because we were already familiar with the Don brand.

When Shah Rukh informed his fans about his bike ride with his daughter, it was not meant to be a publicity stunt. Whether he says something about himself, media finds it out. We are talking about the King Khan whom paparazzi keep following and media making news out of anything about him.

Thank you Shah Rukh for all the hard work and your innovations.

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