Shah Rukh Khan takes a bike ride with his daughter.
Shah Rukh Khan takes a bike ride with his daughter Suhana.

In response to the post From Loving Shah Rukh Khan To Liking Salman Khan, by one of’s guest bloggers, we carry a few heartfelt words by a Shah Rukh fan.

People claim that they are Shah Rukh Khan fans, but they are not really loyal at all. A loyal fan likes his favourite actor always, even if he makes mistakes. After all he is just a human. I could not believe how people talked bad about Shah Rukh when he tried to do something different, bring something different to his country. Instead of applauding his bravery, some people mocked him. If he over-promoted Ra.One, he did it because he wanted to inform the public of a new product. Same was not the case with Don 2 because we were already familiar with the Don brand.

When Shah Rukh informed his fans about his bike ride with his daughter, it was not meant to be a publicity stunt. Whether he says something about himself, media finds it out. We are talking about the King Khan whom paparazzi keep following and media making news out of anything about him.

Thank you Shah Rukh for all the hard work and your innovations.

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  1. Wonderful article! Totally agree with you.Respect respect and more respect for the KING KHAN for doing all the hard work and taking indian cinema to the next level. RA.ONE & DON2 are pathbreaking movies and have paved the way for others looking to make progressive cinema.

  2. Great Article and Agree with U. We Love Shahrukh Khan and His movies even though he is not from our country , religion and also we don’t know hindi. But We Love Him . Respect Him . Adores Him .
    Love from Sri Lanka

  3. SRK is a figure who does not need publicity but people hook themselves up with his name to get publicity. It is not SRK who is benefited with such news but the write, no doubt. People create gossip & later denies, but publicity is on for them.

  4. Being a loyal fan, doesn’t Require one to become totally blind and ‘claps’ for whatever his/her fave do/say. if you are convinced with this concept of loyalty, good for you, its your opinion, BUT it isn’t the same for all. I believe of showing love through supporting my fave as well as guide him if him if he lose it and that through meaningful criticism.

  5. I don’t understand why some ppl are not admiring the hard work & innovation of SRK.he has taken bollywood to a new level with RA.ONE N DON 2. He showed the world that bollywood can also make a movie of that standard. King khan is the best.

  6. komal yoru know very will who is a actor dont see box office collection this iam talking about acting public watching movie not box office collection i saw acting who best actor i watching your koimoi site every body give srk best actor and you write another matter why u not show public opion and resulte

  7. Yes ur right srk is also a human and he is alwys traid diffrent things to entertain ur but when he tried to do something different, bring
    something different to his country.
    Instead of applauding his bravery,
    some people mocked him thats not right…..Luv u khan

  8. Its sort of repeat.. Same as asher madan’s…. But i also Donno why people believe liking salman or aamir means hating Srk and also the reverse…. Plz grow up guys…

  9. I believe that most people are now begining to see the real srk and constructive critism is the right thing to do. Srk has always been a very rude arrogant individual who tries to keep popularity the wrong if he wld try to honest and sincere for once things may turn back for him both ra one don 2 were not as good as media reps who misled the public in to believing lies i long to see the day when india medias spk truth and be honest the more they lie for srk the more they will destroy him

  10. how ever at the end of the day all of us r humans n try being inspired by many ppl bt one thing i can say is to all srk fans that srk is an awesome n hard working person though hes arrogant,besides their are many things that can b learnt from him…..n also many things about him which inspires us…


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