Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan: It's good to get paid for loving beautiful girls

At an recent event by Microsoft India and Don 2, actor Shah Rukh Khan was his usual witty and candid self with the winners and the media. After greeting the winners, who won a free trip to Berlin, SRK spoke about his roles and his years in the industry.


The hard worker that he is, he tries to create dream roles out of the roles he gets, he said. “I know a few people who came to Mumbai to become actors. Whenever they asked me about my plans, I used to say that I have come from TV and I will do any role I will get. I will work always and I will work for sixteen hours a day. My friends waited for a good role for twenty years and never got even one. I have been working for the past twenty years and probably even I couldn’t get a good role, but I got a lot of good work.”

But the superstar isn’t complaning about his body of work. Referring to his signature pose with his arms spread wide, he quipped, “Since, I have spread my arms, I have shrunk my circle of doing different characters. People say to me, spread your arms and do the romance. I don’t complain about it, it’s good to get paid for loving beautiful girls.”




  1. But one thing is true that you have turned down amazing roles that come by your way.If you have done those movies for god sake and open up your envelope from your regular comfort zone (YRF,Dharma,Farah) you would have been in somewhere else today.Still you r good interms of business of your films except few most of your films are forgettable…
    -munna bhai MBBS
    -Slumdog Millionare
    how poor :D
    No hard feelings and no offence though:D XD :P


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