Salman Khan is a mass entertainer and one of the most popular actors amongst family audience. Being aware that he is loved across all aged groups especially, children and oldsters, Salman avoids intimate or kissing scenes in movies.

Even contemporary, Shah Rukh Khan broke his no-kissing rule in Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Jab Harry Met Sejal but Salman remains adhere to his norm and focuses on family-friendly movies.

Salman Khan Talks Avoiding Intimate Scenes And The Reason Is RELATABLE
Sex Or Skin Can’t Sell A Film But Salman Khan Can!



As reported by Pinkvilla, Bhaijaan finally opened up about the clause of no-kissing or intimate scenes in an interview with The Times Of India. Salman recalled an incident took place in his home in Mumbai, Galaxy Apartments when whole family was watching English film. In a scene, when co-stars kissed, the Khan-daan turned their heads to avoid watching the kiss and it was an awkward situation for all family members. And once the kissing stopped, family started watching the film again. “That’s why I feel, you don’t need such stuff in a film. You don’t need these gimmicks to make the film work,” Salman stated to TOI.

The actor added, “I’m not saying these gimmicks don’t work in favour of films, I’m just saying they’re not a necessity in cinema. In my first film, when Sooraj Barjatya was directing me, I remember I had to apply a balm on Bhagyashree’s feet and I did that while shutting my eyes. I don’t think sex or skin can sell a film. That’s not my way of making movies”, reports Pinkvilla.

Keeping in mind that most of his cine-goers consists of families, Salman Khan shies away from doing scenes which may be awkward for family viewing.



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