Sana Khan Opens Up On People Sharing Negative Videos From Her Past, Read On
Sana Khan Opens Up On People Sharing Negative Videos From Her Past(Pic Credit: Instagram/sanakhaan21)

Sana Khan has been the talk of the town ever since she decided to quit showbiz. The former actress got married to Anas Sayiad in a private ceremony in the presence of her family. The 32-year-old has shared a post on Instagram requesting her fans to not share negative videos from her past.


In a long note that the former actress shared on Instagram, she revealed how heartbroken she’s over the negative videos being spread on social media.


Sana Khan wrote a long caption along with the note that read, “I don’t wanna name the person coz I don’t wanna do what he has done to me but this is so evil. If you can’t support someone n be nice be quiet. Don’t put anyone in depression with such ruthless n hard comment making the person feel guilty about their past all over again. Sometimes u repent n move on but there are some like me who at times think I wish I could go back in time n change few things. Please be nice n let people change with time🙏🏼”

The note that Sana shared read, “Some people are making such negative videos on me from so long but I hv been very patient.But now one person made a video highlighting my past n talking absolutely rubbish abt it. Dont you knw it’s a sin to make that person realise about it when tht person has done tauba?? Im so heartbroken right nw”

Fans immediately came in support of Sana Khan and a user commented, “Surely God loves those who turn much (to Him), and He loves those who purify themselves. — Quran, Sura 02 (Al-Baqara), ayah. Be happy Allah swt loves you”.

Another user commented, “Awwww .. don’t worry Baji .. Allah Aapke sath Hain….. aaapne Jo Kiya hai uska gawah Allah haj”.

We wish Sana Khan all the best and that she finds happiness in everything she does!

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