For all those who think, Abhinav Kashyap and Arbaaz Khan’s recent breakup led to the former not agreeing to direct the latter’s Dabangg 2, they are wrong. Insiders reveal, Abhinav was never keen on directing the blockbuster’s sequel because he and hero Salman Khan didn’t share the most cordial relationship when the super-hit was being made. In other words, Dabangg was completed by Kashyap with a lot of heartburn because Salman was hardly the obedient hero a director dreams of. Salman coming late on the sets, not following instructions, overriding the director were common scenes on the sets.

Salman Khan, Abhinav Kashyap  (Salman Khan's Dabangg 2:The Real Story)


If Abhinav maintained peace, it was because he wanted to complete and release the film. Obviously, it being his first film, Abhinav Kashyap couldn’t have achieved much by raising a hue and cry about what he must’ve felt was shabby treatment meted out to him. Therefore, Abhinav, says an insider, did not want to make another film with the actor who had given him so much grief. The insider adds, “Abhinav is still very grateful to Salman and Arbaaz for giving him such a wonderful break but he didn’t want to go ahead with a sequel.”



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