If you thought, Abhinav Kashyap is not directing the Dabangg sequel because of differences that arose between him and producer Arbaaz Khan over the content of the second film, you couldn’t be more wrong. Differences had arisen between the two even while Dabangg was being made. Worse still, Salman Khan reportedly gave Abhinav a lot of grief during the film’s making, prompting the director to vow never to work with the actor again.

Salman Khan Ridiculed Abhinav Kashyap On Sets Of Dabangg


A reliable source says, “Salman used to never listen to his director. Ridiculing him on the sets was common for the actor who used to taunt Abhinav by telling him, he would not allow him to make a Saaransh (euphemism for art film). If Abhinav bore all the humiliation in silence, it was because, he had to prove himself in his first film.” After such a sad experience, Abhinav would never direct the sequel — and understandably so.



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