When Salman Khan united with Kabir Khan after Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the hopes were sky high. Unfortunately, the case was not the same as Tubelight was declared flop at the box office. Distributors incurred huge losses for the film.


Salman Khan’s Tubelight opened on a decent note considering the pre-eid factor. It opened with 21.15 crores and gave some hopes to grow over the weekend. Eid was on the cards and expectations were buzzing up. Unfortunately, word of mouth of the film was extremely mixed. People found the film too lengthy and didn’t connect with the narrative. It managed to gross 64.77 Cr. in its 1st weekend. The real problem for the film started from Monday as it started to fall. Not at an extreme level, but at the level, a Salman Khan film can’t afford to fall.

Salman Khan Being Human! Returns 32.5 Crores To Distributors For Tubelight
Salman Khan Being Human! Returns 32.5 Crores To Distributors For Tubelight

The film was able to collect 106.86 crores in its first week. The film was sold at very high prices to distributors. The film ended its lifetime run at 121.25 crores proving to be a huge loss maker for distributors. Earlier, many said Salman Khan’s commitment to payback the losses to distributors was just a fluke. But he has lived up to his dialogue of, “Maine ek baar jo commitment kar di toh phir main apne aap ki bhi nahi sunta.” Salman has decided to payback 32.50 crores as a part of the losses that were suffered by distributors.

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According to a report in Bollywood Hungama, “Salman Khan had promised to return his distributor’s money by the end of July. However, he was busy shooting abroad for Tiger Zinda Hai. Now that he’s back in Mumbai, he has agreed to return Rs. 32.5 crores to the distributors. This is half of the total losses suffered by distributors over Tubelight.”

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  1. Nothing is free and done as good will gesture. Guaranteed, he will make up for this by jacking the price of his next venture to the same distributors. The key to this development will be if the next one flops…just like SRK movies are flopping one after the other. Then wait and see how much goodwill remains…


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