Tiger Zinda Hai

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Tiger Zinda Hai

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Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif

Writer/Director: Ali Abbas Zafar

Producer/s: Aditya Chopra


tiger zinda hai Review

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review Rating: 4/5 Stars (Four stars)

Star Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjad Delafrooz, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra, Girish Karnad, Paresh Rawal.

Director: Ali Abbas Zafar.

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review
Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

What’s Good: Despite a Salman Khan film when a director puts story as his priority, that’s a major good. Salman Khan proving yet again why he’s termed as Blockbuster Khan!

What’s Bad: There are few loopholes but can be totally ignored as the movie never fails to keep you delighted by its grandness.

Loo Break: Why? Tiger abhi zinda hai!

Watch or Not?: Even if you have never got entertained by Salman Khan (Which could never be the case) go and watch this movie.

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Tiger Zinda Hai starts with Ali Abbas creating a pretty intense backdrop for what he has in store for us. A bus full of nurses gets hijacked by a terrorist organization – ISC in Iraq. The officials in India decide to appoint Tiger for this missions. As we saw Tiger went into an exile towards the end of Ek Tha Tiger, but as Irshad Kamil clears in Zinda Hai song “Zinda hai zinda rahega woh jab tak marne ki usne thaani nahi”.

Spending his family time with Zoya and Junior Tiger in the Alps, Tiger decides to back his country achieving a mission looking impossible on paper. He builds up his own team having a sniper, a techie, and a bomb defuser. Rest of the story uncovers the stages of this mission. It also shows how the movie is not just about Tiger’s task, it has a broader point of view which Ali reveals in the later half.

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review
Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review: Script Analysis

Yes, we have Salman Khan in the film but Ali Abbas Zafar is the clear winner of this. He along with Nilesh Misra (Who also co-wrote the story of Ek Tha Tiger) has scripted a gripping espionage thriller. The film is not perfect but it’s superior than what we’ve seen in Bollywood. The story keeps you intrigued amidst the machoism of Salman.

Mouthing some subtly written dialogues, Tiger has more to do than just hunting his enemy down. The movie also has its fair share of ‘aman ki asha’ stuff which might not be welcomed by some people. The story has a lot of scope which is explored by the makers giving it an international touch.

Tiger Zinda Hai Movie Review: Star Performance

Post some very good performances in Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, Salman Khan is back to his home ground. He did what he does the best – entertain everyone. The whistles still reverberate in my head. His presence is dhamaakedaar and I love the way how he surrenders himself completely to Ali. Sultan was a blockbuster for the same reason and hope this one achieves the same status.

Katrina Kaif is brilliant! She has been over years and still gets criticized for her acting and language. She should at least shut some of them with this one. She has very few dialogues, and no that’s not the reason she’s good. Working amazingly well with her expressions, she has turned into an athlete for this one. Performing few major action sequences, she is flawless.

Angad Bedi playing the role of the bomb defuser fits the bill perfectly. Having few very good scenes with Salman Khan Angad justifies his part. Kumud Mishra and Girish Karnad are also impactful in their little roles. Paresh Rawal, even in this intense scenario, manages to make you laugh. The baddie Sajjad Delafrooz is just about average. He’s the younger & broodier version of what Rasheed Naz did in Baby.

Tiger Zinda Hai has the new captain to lead – Ali Abbas Zafar and he chooses a subtle way to start the film. Creating an intense backdrop, explaining what he has in store for is he brings in the Tiger Salman Khan and Zoya Katrina Kaif.

In an elongated snowy entry scene – Tiger (Salman Khan) is seen facing a pack of wolves. Salman finally gets his trademark entry scene with the magical touch of Ali Abbas Zafar. As we’ve seen in the promo Tiger is on a mission to set free nurses that are took as hostages in Iraq.

Box Office - Salman Khan set to challenge his own records with Tiger Zinda Hai
Tiger Zinda Hai Review Quicker: Blockbuster Salman Khan Meets Story Teller Ali Abbas Zafar

“Chutti over, back to work,” Shenoy (Girish Karnad) says when he starts to track Tiger who’s in exile since past 8 years. Tiger builds up a team to execute this mission. When Ek Tha Tiger wasn more on action, this is high on story.

In future to be termed as one of the best espionage thrillers in Bollywood – Tiger Zinda Hai has a lot of Ali Abbas Zafar in it. Amazingly choreographed action sequences, not letting the plot lose its soul, keeping the machoism of Salman intact – Ali tackles with a lot of stuff in the first half.

An addition to the major plus points is also the background music of Julius Packiam. The amazingly infused BGM pushes good scenes to very good. First half has ended on a good note, hope second half provides entertainment in the same dose. Stick to this space for the full review of Tiger Zinda Hai.

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