Salman Khan Calling Box Office Flops Like Andaz Apna Apna, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro As Bad Films Gets Brutally Trolled On The Internet
Salman Khan Once Confused Box Office Performances Being The Parameter For Good Or Bad Films, Netizens React ( Photo Credit – Instagram; IMDb )

Salman Khan has been a superstar since the day he appeared wearing that Dosti Cap on screen. Right from his blockbuster debut with Maine Pyar Kiya till date, he has been a star with a massive fan following. However, while he has a fan army who are ready to defend him always, the Tiger actor has often been trolled for his views and (mis)deeds, including his film choices.

Now, an old video of the actor confusing the art of filmmaking with the box office figures and calling their box office collection the true parameter of a good or a bad film is going viral on the internet.

The video was shared by Anupama Chopra, who asserted the fact that she did not relate to Salman Khan’s points of view then, and she doesn’t relate to them now either. In the video, Salman Khan is seen saying, “If a film has not done well it is a bad film. Mein aapko bol raha hun, film nahi chali, audience ne aapki film reject ki hai, the film is a bad film.” Anupama Chopra strongly presents her disagreement and says, “Lekin Andaz Apna Apna nahi chali thi, Parinda nahi chali thi, Jaane bhi do Yaaro nahi chali thi. Kabhi Kabhi film apne waqt se aage hoti hai aur baad mein log use appreciate karte hain.” (But Andaz Apna Apna did not work, Parinda din’t work, Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro din’t work. Sometime films are ahead of their time and people appreciate their worth much later.)

To this Salman Khan argues, “Haan Nahi Chali, bad film. To us waqt mat banaao. Bana rahe hain paise kamane ke liye, bana rahe hain naam kamaane ke liye, bana rahe hain, industry ko aage badhaane ke liye. Agar woh film aapko wo nahi deti, the film is a bad film.” (Yes, If they din’t work, they are bad films. Don’t make those films at that time (if they are ahead of time). We make films to earn money, fame and promote this industry. If your film doesn’t accomodate these, it is a bad film.)

Netizens reacted to the video and took brutal digs at Salman Khan for confusing the artistic and economic aspects of filmmaking. A user wrote, “I wish I could speak nonsense with this much confidence.” Another sarcastic dig read, “Stupid Logic. Shawshank Redemption didn’t work at the box office, but today it’s the All Time Best movie.” A third user wrote, “His crappy films make crores! But they’re still crap right!”

A user argued, “I don’t agree with these. In fact most of our favourite films are the ones that never did good box office numbers. Take all the Imtiaz Ali films for example… most of them never did well… but are they really bad?” Another dig read, “If spitting nonsense is an art, Salman is the Picasso of it..”

However, a user tried to reason with Salman Khan’s perspective, calling it an eye-opener. The comment read, “Wow. This is a new perspective. I didn’t see it that way. I get what he is saying. And he means it from the perspective of an actor. A film is a bad film for that particular actor if it’s not received well. Being an actor is a profession as well and a film helps one pay their bills. If the film doesn’t do well, it not only affects your current income but also your future income. You won’t get good offers if the news in the industry is that your film couldn’t earn well and people didn’t like it (at that point). What happens in the future is a different story and is to be seen in the future only. Van Gogh art was great and was well received in the future, but for him it was trash at that time. Because he lived in poverty and no one would even trade his paintings for food. Not comparing Van Gogh and Bhai. Also, I am not a Bhai fan.”

You can watch the video here and catch the entire discussion in the comments section.


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