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Salman Khan’s Bodyguard What Kind Of Opening Will It Take

Why did Ram Gopal Varma’s Not A Love Story not take a good initial this week in spite of the media hype surrounding it? After all, it was based on a high-profile real-life murder case.

Komal Nahta: There are two kinds of media hype – one is the hype which percolates down to the public and the other is that which excites only the persons associated with the film and, perhaps, some trade people. The media hype surrounding Not A Love Story belonged to the second kind. As for the film being inspired by the real-life Neeraj Grover murder case, it didn’t matter to the audience after everything about it was laid threadbare in the media from time to time during the trial in the court. If the film did not take even a decent initial, it was because it absolutely lacked face value. Deepak Dobriyal is a character actor, not a saleable hero. And Mahie Gill, too, doesn’t have such a fan following that people would rush to watch her starrer on release.

What kind of an opening do you predict for Salman Khan’s Bodyguard?

Komal Nahta: Earth-shattering, historic, bumper… A lot of records are going to be broken on 31st August and right through the five-day weekend.

If controversies help a film, why did Aarakshan not take a sweeping start? After all, it was one of the most controversial films in recent times!

Komal Nahta: Controversies help but not always. In the case of Aarakshan, they seem not to have worked in favour of the film.

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