Rhea Chakraborty FULL Interview: "Sushant Singh Rajput's Father Left His Mother & That Was A Major Cause Of His Depression"
Rhea Chakraborty FULL Interview: “Sushant Singh Rajput’s Father Left His Mother & That Was A Major Cause Of His Depression”

Today, the whole nation was waiting to see what Rhea Chakraborty has to say on Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. While many people are declaring that she is responsible for SSR’s death, the actress has finally broken her silence over the matter.

Rhea Chakraborty has opened up about all the allegations of her controlling Sushant, living on his money, her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt and more. Read the article to know the full story.

Many theories were circulating in the rumour market about Rhea’s relationship with Mahesh Bhatt. In the much-awaited interview with Aaj Tak, the actress clarified her relationship with Mahesh Bhatt. She said, “Can’t I take advice from anyone? I was broken. I was obviously upset that Sushant didn’t stop me from leaving; he didn’t call me back. I wondered if he wanted me to go because I was ill. Is it all over for him? So yes I was upset, I reached out to Bhattsaab, but that’s only because I felt broken. He told me to think of my father. Bhattsaab calls me child, in the messages as well. His daughter is my age. That pure relationship has been misconstrued into something like this.”

Rhea Chakraborty revealed that Sushant Singh Rajput wasn’t close to his father. The Jalebi actress revealed, “Sushant wasn’t close to his father. His father left his mother at a young age, and as a kid that bothered him. Before I met him, Sushant hadn’t spoken to his father for 5 years. One of the biggest reason for Sushant’s depression was that he wasn’t able to live without his mother. She also struggled with mental illness. “

Rhea revealed that her brother Showik shared a great bond with Sushant Singh Rajput. She said, “Yes. Showik and Sushant shared a great bond. In fact, At times we used to joke that ‘Showik hi mera sautan hai.’ Just before the trip, Sushant, Showik and I formed a company which was named as Rhealityx. It’s quite obvious from this that Sushant probably liked me that’s why he related his dream project, artificial intelligence company with my name.”

Rhea explained, “My brother joined us on the trip to Florence, Italy. That too after Sushant insisted. Showik had CAT exams. He was also in two minds about the trip because he was thinking about why I should go with my sister and her boyfriend.”

Rhea Chakraborty also opened about Sushant’s mental health when his name popped up in #MeToo Movement. She said, “I will tell you something. Sanjana Sanghi had alleged that Sushant Singh Rajput harassed her, and those #MeToo allegations haunted him. Sanjana hadn’t given any clarification, she finally came out 1 and a half months later, but that destroyed Sushant’s mental sanity. Till then, Sushant had to come out and reveal their chats himself.”

Rhea revealed that Sushant used to smoke marij*ana since the time of Kedarnath. She said, “It is unfortunate that we have to speak about someone’s vices when he is no more. Yes, he smoked marij*ana. He used to do it since before he met me. Even during the time of Kedarnath, he used to smoke. But he is that kind of a man. I tried to stop him. But he would do what he liked. If he wanted to take medicines, he would, if he wanted to smoke, he would.”

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