Ranveer Singh or Mahesh Babu? Yes, that was a very difficult question we asked you guys yesterday. But as every poll, there’s one winner of this one too. The dhamaakedar Thums Up had both of them doing similar stunts but who looked more promising? We asked you guys and let’s see who has won this poll.


It’s indeed a mild shocker because the winner has almost double the votes than the one who has lost this. This one was expected to be a neck to neck contest but it seems fans of one star has outshined the other by a margin.

Ranveer Singh OR Mahesh Babu? We've A Winner With Some SHOCKING Stats!
Ranveer Singh OR Mahesh Babu? We’ve A Winner With Some SHOCKING Stats!


The winner has accumulated over 2200 votes and has 66% of voting percentage in his favour. The runner up has garnered almost half of its votes with over 1100 votes having the remaining 34%. Isn’t this a bit shocking to you guys too?

So, Ranveer Singh has ended up as a runner up in this contest and Mahesh Babu has won it by a huge margin. YouTube views has a different story to tell. Ranveer Singh’s ad has crossed 23 million views since it was released yesterday with more than 71,000 likes and Mahesh Babu’s ad has crossed 251K views with 16,000 likes.

So, there’s a clear winner for you guys. Yes, it was a hard choice to choose between these goliaths but every race ends with a winner & ours in Mahesh Babu.




  1. there was no hard choice nothing, its just look like u ranveer fan so try your best to promote but its clearly that ranveer is nowere close to any big star,

  2. U talking about YouTube views Ranveer Singh’s ads floats around pan India while Mahesh Babu is flashed only in South so clearly there is no comparison.. Mahesh Babu won in a vote out

  3. Mahesh Babu is much much better he is a Superstar and Tanveer is also doing well but it is just the start and he overacts at times not as charming nowhere as close to Prince.


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