Mahesh Babu, whose last film Bharat Ane Nenu was received well by critics as well the audience. He was lauded for his performance as Bharath in the film. But there have been times when the fans of this superstar demand to see him in a fully-fledged commercial masala actioner.

Nevertheless, the beverage company Thums Up has come up with a very slick & action-packed advertisment featuring Mahesh Babu. Amidst a raw & rustic setup of a jungle, we see bad guys chasing Mahesh as he runs for his Thums Up. As Ranveer Singh is also a brand ambassador of Thums Up, there’s a similar advertisement made with him too for the pan India audience.

Let’s watch both the ads below:

Ranveer Singh VS Mahesh Babu: Who Nailed This Action-Packed Thums Up Ad? VOTE NOW!
Ranveer Singh VS Mahesh Babu: Who Nailed This Action-Packed Thums Up Ad? VOTE NOW!

Mahesh Babu recently in an interview opened up about his role in Bharat Ane Nenu. He feels a role like Bharath is not just rare, it is also a privilege to play such a powerful politically pertinent part. “It is very rare for actors to get such powerful films. The characterization of Bharath is my best till date. I will always be grateful to my director Shiva garu for conceiving this part for me.”

Mahesh says he is game for a sequel to Bharath Ane Nenu. “To be honest, we had content to do a five-hour film. But since we had to make it one film, we edited the content down to less than three hours. But I would love to do a sequel, if Siva Sir agrees,” said the star.

Out of both the ads which one did you like the most? Not a competition, just a friendly poll. Vote your choice below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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