Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh recently said that he has been the boyfriend of the millennium and now he wants to be the husband of the millennium and guess what, he has proved that too. Ranveer tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend Deepika Padukone in Italy’s Lake Como and since then we are completely in awe of this awesome couple.

The duo even made us go aww when Ranveer received the best actor for his menacing act in Padmaavat and his wife got emotional after watching him take the award. The Gunday actor gave all the credits to his wife for all the achievements in his 8 years of career. Some videos and pictures were leaked, where we saw Deepika was having her emotional moment.

Ranveer Singh Opens Up About Wife Deepika Padukone’s EMOTIONAL Moment While Receiving Best Actor For Padmaavat
Ranveer Singh: “Always Dreamt Of Kissing Deepika Padukone Before Receiving An Award”



Recently, we met the Simmba actor, who spoke about his thoughts, wife Deepika and her emotional moment, their marriage and much more. He said, that this was not the first he got emotional while receiving an award. He added, “Not for the first, I got emotional. And I didn’t get emotional, Deepika got emotional. And rightly so because for various reasons I think I have been nominated and not won before, so, when I go for these award functions, I’m very superstitious. I don’t prepare what I’m going to say because that’s the form of my own expectation management. I don’t want to not win and then bumped. I don’t want to jinx it (Laughs). So I just show up then the award is called out and you go there, find yourself on the stage at a loss of what to say. Once you are there with a mic in your hand, there’s no time to think, filter & speak.”

He further said that Deepika has been a large part of his growth and evolution over the years. He said, “I always had this dream that one day I will be sitting & Deepika will be sitting next to me, I will be married to her, they will call my name for best actor and I will turn around and giver her a kiss and then I will go up on stage and receive my award. And it happened last night, so it was pretty magical. I was just saying what was coming to me when I was on stage. It is only later when I realised what I had said and how true it actually is. I have been working here from 8 years and 6 years of those I have been dating Deepika. So, she is a large part of my growth and evolution. She is a large part of the reason that I’m able to achieve all the things that I have achieved because she kept me grounded and centred. She was supportive throughout especially through Khilji because that was a very difficult year for me. It was a very difficult character that I was struggling through. It was difficult for us as individuals and together. So that year was particularly testing, we shot Padmaavat and for her to witness that and now this, was a very emotional experience.”

Ask him if he thinks he will win an award for Simmba as well, he said, “It is not for me to decide whether my performance is award worthy or not but it is amongst my best work. If you see it from a performance point of view, you have done all the genres in one film. For me, not too many people understand how painful it is to make a masala film. Not enough credit is given to the makers of the genre. I will be seen in Chandan, Plaza, Gaeity (laughs) because there’s no greater high than that. It is amazing to win awards. Like yesterday (Star Screen Awards 2018) was a magical moment for me.”



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