Rani Mukerji's Co-Star Faraaz Khan Battles For Life In ICU, Pooja Bhatt Helps To Achieve The 25 Lakhs Target
Rani Mukerji’s Co-Star Faraaz Khan Battles For Life In ICU, Pooja Bhatt Helps To Achieve The 25 Lakhs Target

You must remember actor Faraaz Khan as Niranjan from a Rani Mukerji film titled Mehendi. He is suffering from a critical condition battling for his life in a Bengaluru hospital. He was also seen in Vikram Bhatt’s Fareb. He is suffering from a brain infection and pneumonia which led to


Former Bollywood actor Faraaz Khan, who was seen in films such as Mehendi and Fareb, is fighting for his life in a Bengaluru hospital. Faraaz, who is the son of Mahabharat actor Yusuf Khan, was diagnosed with a brain infection and pneumonia after his lungs got infected.

Actor-filmmaker Pooja Bhatt learnt about the situation and took to her Twitter account requesting for funds from her followers. She tweeted, “Please share and contribute if possible. I am. Would be grateful if any of you can as well,” she wrote in her tweet.


Faraaz Khan’s family members Farhad Abousher and Ahmed Shamoon shared the details of all the proceedings on the fundraising website. The detailed statement read, “Faraaz had been suffering from a cough and an infection in his chest for nearly a year. Recently, the coughing had aggravated so due to the prevailing pandemic; he decided to consult the doctor over a video call. Over the video consultation on 8th October 2020, the doctor saw his condition and recommended that he gets himself admitted to a hospital as his cough was quite intense and to prevent any further infection, hospitalisation was the best thing to do. So, immediately we called for an ambulance. However, what happened after that has shaken us up to the core,” it read.

It also added, “While the ambulance was on its way, Faraaz Khan suddenly suffered a seizure. He suddenly started shaking uncontrollably and couldn’t control his movements either. As soon as the ambulance arrived, Faraaz was out on a stretcher and was being lowered into the ambulance when he suffered another seizure. As the ambulance was rushing to Vikram Hospital, Banglore, he suffered a third seizure in the ambulance in such a short time span.”

“Faraaz Khan was admitted to the emergency ward of Vikram hospital where we found out that he suffered three consecutive seizures due to a herpes infection in his brain that had spread from his chest. Besides, while he suffered from these seizures, he swallowed the mucous and saliva of his cough, which entered his lungs and caused pneumonia in there. Because of this, his blood pressure and heartbeat increased massively, and he wasn’t able to breathe. He was put in the ICU care where after a series of complicated procedures and heavy antibiotics he was brought to stability,” the statement concluded.

Faraaz Khan’s family and friends have targeted the end-goal of 25 lacs on the fundraiser. Till now they’ve managed to accumulate an amount of 1.8 lacs. It’ll take 7-10 days more for Faraaz’s treatment to conclude.

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