Raju Srivastav Talks About Yogi Adityanath's Decision Of Having A Film City In UP
Raju Srivastav Opens Up On Yogi Adityanath’s Decision Of Having A Film City In UP (Photo Credit – Facebook / Yogi Adityanath )

It was yesterday when Akshay Kumar held a meeting with Chief Minister of UP, Yogi Adityanath. Photos of the two were shared by the fans on social media. It was also reported that Mr. CM is planning to erect a film city in his state. This was the reason why he initiated the proposal of meeting with the bigwigs of Bollywood.


Now, Raju Srivastav, head of Film Vikas Parishad of Uttar Pradesh, has opened up about what the meeting was exactly about. In his latest interview, he opened up about how the film city in UP will have to better Mumbai and Hyderabad to attract the filmmakers.


While talking to Pinkvilla, Raju said, “A lot of filmmakers attended the meeting with chief minister Yogi Adityanath and gave some valuable suggestions which will be considered by the government. The film city in Hyderabad is much better than Mumbai so the Film City of UP will have to be really high tech otherwise why would anyone go to shoot there.”

He also added, “The UP government is working towards making it very well equipped and promised a single-window clearance to producers And those who are making noise ..koi film city ko utha ke le nahi jaa raha hai Every government wants to generate employment for their people what is wrong in it .”

He then said, “You may recall here how several netas from Maharashtra used to say that the governments of UP and Bihar are so useless that people from there come to Mumbai for jobs which results in a water shortage for locals .. workers from north occupy streets so we don’t get to walk. This move by UP government should be welcomed.”

Not just Raju, Actor & Lawyer Kunicka Sadanand also expressed her views on the decision of having a film city in UP. In the same report, she said, “It is a good move but you certainly can’t move the film industry. People can open a film city all over the country. But for that, you have infrastructure law and order from equipment and put proper law into place. For that matter even in Maharashtra, we need to recognize the film industry as an industry and we have to have labour laws in place. We need to have proper fire safety. All this needs to be put in place. You can very well speak that ..I am making a film city here or there. fantastic..I will create employment people will come and shoot. India is your country you can shoot wherever you want…why not. But you need to create the infrastructure to support the film industry. It is not easy; this is a 100-year-old film industry that is existing in Maharashtra and the same is the case with other states..so overnight nothing is going to happen.”

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