Did You Know? Priyanka Chopra Jonas Was Accused Of Misbehaviour On A Flight By Her Co-Passenger
When Priyanka Chopra Jonas Was Accused Of Misbehaviour On A Flight By Her Co-Passenger(Pic Credit : Facebook/Priyanka Chopra Jonas)

Priyanka Chopra Jonas is an international star who has made her mark in both Bollywood and Hollywood. The actress enjoys a massive fan following worldwide and many of her fans have said that she is quite a humble and polite person, unlike many other stars in the movie business. She was once accused of being rude and abusive to her co-passenger on a flight.

It all began when a high profile doctor accused Priyanka of abusing him when he had asked her not to violate the rule while boarding the flight. The two were on the same flight travelling to Dubai from Mumbai. He accused her of risking lives by talking into her cell phone even while the plane was taking off.

Narrating the entire incident during a conversation with Hindustan Times, Dr Fayaz Shawl said, “I boarded this Emirates flight on which Priyanka Chopra was a co-passenger in first class. She occupied the window seat and was on the phone even when the flight started to take off. The staff was not objecting as they were in awe of the star, so, I passed a note to her to stop. I know of two air crashes that took place due to the phone signals interfering with the air control.”

He continued, “At this, Priyanka Chopra turned to me and said, ‘Who the hell are you to stop me?’ I said, ‘Lady, had you been in the US, you would have been handcuffed for this.’ To this, she replied, ‘F*** US.’ I told her that I am a doctor and saw veteran actor Dilip Kumar in Mumbai. She said, ‘Who the hell cares about that old man?’ So, I said, ‘You have no right to endanger my life and that of 250 other people.’ She then said: ‘Let’s go to the pilot.’ I told her that when we get off at Dubai, I could get her arrested for this.”

Dr Fayaz Shawl further said that he had recorded the entire incident on his phone and had filmed co-passengers, who had said on camera that even they were scared when the Barfi actress was talking on the phone in-flight.

On the other hand, Priyanka Chopra Jonas denied the allegation levelled by the doctor and said, “He was clearly drunk and tried to make an issue out of me talking on the phone. I’ve travelled a million times, and I didn’t break any rules. The aircraft was on the tarmac when I finished an important call. By then this man was screaming. He dropped names and said he knows the Sheikh in Dubai and would get me deported. I took out my credit card and challenged him to make a call to the Sheikh right there from the aircraft’s paid phone. He behaved in a cheap manner and said “I know you Bollywood starlet types”. That made me lose it because I value my dignity.”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas also said, “He showed me a video of himself with Dilip sir (actor Dilip Kumar). I complained to the staff and they conveyed it to the captain. When the flight landed, he came and apologised to me thrice. But I didn’t accept his apology. If he’s talking to the media now, it’s just to get attention. You can check with anyone on that flight, including Leander Paes. I would never insult a legend like Dilip Kumar. I’ve spoken to Saira ma’am (Saira Banu). She totally stands by me on this.”

Leander Paes, who was also travelling in the same flight, also said, “I happened to be sitting one seat in front of Priyanka. I was snoozing and didn’t know there was a situation till I heard shouting. It appears that the guy had an issue with her being on the phone. That’s totally absurd. Had she been violating rules, the stewards would’ve taken action. In fact, they later apologised to Priyanka for the behaviour of this guy, who appeared to have had one drink too many. I think he was just looking to seek attention.”

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