Katrina Kaif in a still from movie' Phantom'
Katrina Kaif in a still from movie’ Phantom’

Katrina Kaif has delivered far too many commercial films. And going by her line of work for her next projects, she seems to be making a conscious effort to do an off best film.


In an interview to Koimoi, Katrina told us that her films are not really categorized into on or off beat films. She explained, “I don’t believe in on beat or off beat. A film must be exciting enough for me to be a part of it. Bang Bang and Haider both are the same to me, good films made on good scripts. Haider has been made on a sensible budget and they will recover their budget and we will recover ours. Both films are successful in equal capacities to me. Good script, interesting enough films matter more to me. Many people would have called New York an off beat film – no song, a lot of English, an out and out thriller. The only one best thing was Yash Raj, the banner.”

But the on location stills of Phantom is telling a different story. A clear deliberate attempt has been made to give it a look and feel of authenticity. Katrina agrees, “Phantom could be placed in a similar capacity saving the fact that Kabir Khan now has Ek Tha Tiger behind him and me and him have two successes together with New York and Tiger. Sajid is obviously such a huge producer. But Phantom is a tight thriller. It hasn’t got any songs. It doesn’t have the usual commercial aspects. It can be called an off beat film.”

She was visibly very proud of being associated to Phantom. Katrina says that it is not an usual potboiler but the suspense is intrinsic to the plot. Kaif told us, “Phantom is something different Kabir is trying here. Not many films have done it in the past. It is a very interesting script written by Hussain Zaidi. His writing is very real. He puts in great attention to detail. He weaves suspense through his story and not simply by relying on dramatic moments or dramatic action set ups. It is properly crafted suspense thriller. The background is of terrorism and there is a distinct angle of it in the film.”

Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala along with UTV, Phantom is directed by Kabir Khan and stars Katrina alongside Saif Ali Khan. Deemed to be a commentary on global terrorism post 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, the film is based on a very volatile subject. The film is slated to release in April, 2015 and is currently in the last leg of shooting following which the extensive post production work will begin.

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