Bang Bang Movie Poster
Bang Bang Movie Poster

Rating: 2.5/5 Stars (Two and half stars)

Star Cast: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Danny Denzongpa

Director: Siddharth Anand

What’s Good: The overwhelming stunts and two extremely gorgeous looking people.

What’s Bad: I understand it’s an official remake but the film feeds on the original, not trying anything new, unusual or bold. If you have seen the original, then there is very little for you to enjoy. The film’s thrill quotient is low, hence. The writers did not toil enough in furthering the script, adhering to the original in terms of everything.

Loo break: Some.

Watch or Not?: Bang Bang is everything that Knight and Day was about and nothing even remotely as exciting as the original. It isn’t bland or boring just doesn’t match up to my expectations of the film. Gorgeous stunts, picturesque locales and a paper thin script might create a watchable film but it won’t be a brilliant or memorable watch. Hrithik and Katrina despite giving sincere and earnest performances fail to retain the film’s oomph quotient consistently. It is Siddharth Anand’s lack of vision that has cost the film gravely. Nothing except the script can be blamed for it. If stunts can sustain you for an entire film, then Bang Bang is a steal. Others might need more than just that to satiate themselves.

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Harleen (Katrina) is a receptionist at Bank of Shimla. Leading a dull life, she has a more boring life than her grandmother’s. In an attempt to find love, she signs up for a blind date on an Internet dating website. At her date, she meets Rajvir (Hrithik) – gorgeous, sensitive and sweet, by the time she develops a crush on him, he is shooting down people and people hurling bullets at him. Harleen is stuck with him where she can’t return because people think she is an alias of an international criminal. Rajvir has stolen the Kohinoor diamond from London and everyone from the Indian police to the international police to the crimelord smuggler, terrorist Omar (Danny) everyone is on the lookout for him. Harleen reluctantly accompanies him and finds herself brisking from one mess to another. Will they survive this Bang Bang is what the film retells.

Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie 'Bang Bang'
Katrina Kaif and Hrithik Roshan in a still from movie ‘Bang Bang’

Bang Bang Review: Script Analysis

I believe the script is as much to be blamed in the lack of energy in the film as the direction. Sujoy Ghosh, Abbas Tyrewala and Suresh Nair did not bother stretching the contours of Knight and Day. They limited the film to Bollywood frills making it a potboiler not above than the regular ones we frequently watch these days. As it is the film’s story in the first place isn’t a work of genius and in their attempt to translate it for Bollywood, the writers have garnished it with judicious helpings of bhai ka pyaar story, estranged family melodrama, nani Ki yaad and a bunch of regular stuff that fails to fit in with the film.

For the whole first hour, the film meanders in speed as a car show. As Hrithik and Katrina slip from one car to another, it is a shoot out fest. The songs and dances are too frequent. In fact I could have easily watched Hrithik dance for the whole while, it would have been more value for money!

I can point out the basic logic lapses as well. In one of the earlier scenes in the film, Hrithik is seen meeting a bunch of people in an open air Dhaba. Later, a CCTV footage of his was sent to the Delhi Headquarters. CCTV in a Dhaba in Shimla, really? Could creative liberty get more ridiculous than this?

If I manage to forgive the endorsement of Mountain Dew, Pizza Hut and Micromax, I will still stand by the fact that I hated the script. It is a blatant, scene by scene, a more desi illustration of Knight and Day. Those oblivious of the original will find this spectacular but frankly the slim story fails to inject emotions, chemistry or anything that will remain with you after the Film is over. This one is a glammed up version of Knight and Day and Siddharth has extracted Hrithik from Dhoom 2, gave him better toys (read guns, pistols and exotic cars) and asked him to go have fun. Anything that makes you like this film, give it to Hrithik and even Katrina and if you get bored blame the writer trio!

Bang Bang Review: Star Performances

Hrithik Roshan might quiver in his emotional scenes but hell when someone is that good looking, it is hard to notice. Roshan fans will spend half the film ogling at his Greek God looks. But as Rajvir, thankfully Hrithik seems to be enjoying himself. He is casual and breezes through his part brilliantly. He is pitch perfect as Rajvir making his character an extension of his image from Dhoom 2, just better.

Katrina Kaif too is fluent in the role of Harleen. She is innocent and charming and does quite well what is expected of her. Though really low on action, I am glad the script did not serve her another measly, thankless part and gives it a shade different from Cameron’s in the original.

Danny Denzongpa is not even half as menacing as you expect the villain to be. He is an absent character from the frame and when he makes an entry in the climax, he is left unused.

The same goes for Javed Jaffrey who is good as long as he is there but barely has much to do.

In a limited cameo, it is Jimmy Shergill who is terrific and such a pleasant surprise.

Bang Bang Review: Direction, Editing and Screenplay

Siddharth Anand’s basic problem is his lack of foresight. He doesn’t think far, in terms of his story or where the film is heading. Though Ek Din is the concept and ‘lack of plan is the plan’ in the story, it sometimes is better to chalk things out before the story goes haywire. There is a certain predictability that plagues the film. It seemed like Anand organized a ramp walk for cars, bullets, pistols, guns and ogle worthy people. If you seek at a very superficial level, all this is enough for you to woot for. But for me, the film had nothing worthwhile. Even comparing this to Dhoom 2 will be demeaning that film, because it was enthralling, got you ecstatic, had its share of nail biting, hair raising, adrenaline rushing cues. Bang Bang is just a plain bore like Katrina’s character in the film.

Even the underwhelming and forgettable music would be meaningless if you take out Hrithik’s dances from it.

Bang Bang Review: The Last Word

Bang Bang is a plain film that is mounted on a breathtaking canvas and remains steady at the superficial level only. Low on logic and more on frills and airs, the best thing about Bang Bang is Hrithik Roshan. He sincerely drives the film with his swagger and hot bod droolworthy looks, with Katrina aiding him with her cutesy innocence. But the lack of inventiveness in Bang Bang irks me. When I am done with ogling at the stunts and stars, I have nothing to remember it by. I am going with 2.5/5.

Bang Bang Trailer

Bang Bang releases on 2nd October, 2014.

Share with us your experience of watching Bang Bang.

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  1. You people don’t know how to rate the film ,only 2.5 can’t even imagine wch is less than haider rating ,from my side rating is 4.7/5.0

  2. KoiMoi ne kharab rating diye
    matlab film boht achchi hai
    jaise Aashiqui 2 ko 2 rating diye the aur film acchchi nikli thi.
    KoiMoi ‘s rating is inversely proportional to d quality f d film

  3. mr.basu..what you seem good in dhoom3 you bloddy gave that 4 thre any story in the there any role of katrina in the film they collceted money by showing aamir only and you idiot haider is also

  4. Finally hearing some good things about Bang-Bang ;) pun intended.

    But seriously, this was bound to happen. The majority have not even seen knight and day, but are getting excited only coz its hrithik n katz in the film.

    My problem with Bang-Bang doing well is, the fact that the film makers will earn all the moolah THEY DONT DESERVE. The person who deserves all the praise should ONLY be Hrithik. He does everything sincerely.

    Hrithik ke naam pe paisa kamaa rahe hai, upar se Haider jaisi achchi movie ka nuksaan kara diya. In a way its loss for the audience, coz Haider will be sidelined by this stupid movie.

  5. How much have you taken for reviewing Haider, and writing for BANG BANG??
    just 2.5 stars for this fantastic flick?!

    Review for this movie, haven’t been worse than this!

  6. Don’t worry guys!! Mohar Basu is the official hater of Bang Bang. I was damn sure of giving this person a rating of 2 or 2.5. Not more than that. I have been following this critic for the last five years of more. Just check all the rating of her in the previous films of Hrithik, you will get the proof how she been giving 2 or 2.5 rating to each of Hrithik’s film!!

  7. dont waste ur money (300-700 Rs)… just bring the CD of “Knight and day” on rent and enjoy official BANG BANG…!!!

    • Nothing wrong with review, he is just saying people who has not seen the original might like the movie and they havent done any changes in the hindi version…being a fan is ok but following blindly is foolishness…reading this u might again will be saying things against…but thats how it is

  8. Bang bang must be one of the worst movie i have seen in a long time. I regret wasting my time and money over such a nonsensical movie.

  9. now i am unfollowing koimoi..all hrithik fans u too just leave this site..he gave 2.5 to krrish 3 and it grossed 240 crore nett in again he gave 2.5 to bang i definitely going to gross 300 crores nett in india..he says it is unoriginal..then what about kick and ghajini, they are exact scene to scene copy of original versions..but he didnt mentioned that…for some other films he says film is not about logic but about entertainment..but now he talks about logic..what a great reviewer!!!..mohar basu, no one cares about ur shit reviews..the chemistry between the lead actors is enough to make this film a repeat watch…big good bye to ur reviews and ur site!! just fed up with u

    • to all hrithik’s fans fan ho fan raho aur jakar movie dekho…. andhe mat bano review mein jo bhi likha hai wo sahi hai ab meri baat suno krish 3 240cr nahi kamaya tha aur na ye kamane ja raha hai. kisi ni kaha ke bang bang ko knight and day se compare mat karo,,, k and d se compre nahi karega to kya avengers se compare karega jiska officially izzat loot raha hai usi se na compare karega …. mera opinion hai k kabhi koi remake ko na dekho ghar pe bluray ka dvd lao aur dekho go for only good movie like dhoom 3 and hny

      • teeno khan ki himmat nahi ki aisa action kre salman ki sarri movie remake aati hai uska dvd lake dekha kre uske fans sale ka body bhi nakli hai wo Kya action krega the action king hrrithkk

  10. he talks about music as forgettable..i think so u are is one of the best album in recent years and i really enjoyed watching them on big cant u like soulful song of the year MEHERBAAN..funny song UFF…dance and party numbers TU MERI and BANG BANG…and why are u comparing this with knight and day..if u compare like this then u should compare most of bollywood films with hollywood or kollywood or tollywood films..just change ur shitty review

    • Bhai Ram Charan Teja to thik h…he did the lil known remake of Zanjeer(ring a bell!) but heck who is Ravi Teja and Mikki Koomar???

  11. Hi guys trust me im not fan of hrithik roshan but Bang bang is really unbelievable movie.. I watched today 2 times.. im going im about Bang Bang.. all the Actors is talking awesome n very positive about Bang Bang…. like salman khan.. amir khan.. shahrukh khan.. akshay kumar.. Ravi teja.. Ram charan Teja.. Mikki Koomar.. Allu Arjun.. and many moree… must watch guys.. Bang Bang…

    • Mikki koomar…Allu Arjun.???!…Wrong

      The correct Name is :-
      Mikki Mouse
      Alloo Matar.
      Yeh his likhna chahte they tum shayad.

  12. hello,
    this is a super movie.A way beter than other block bluster of india.
    they said there is low acting in katrina’s character.But as you see in movie she told that she born in canada and brought back to india.And she is shimla not in delhi or how can you think that her hindi is good.
    all are said there is no logic but this is a logic also think bastard reviewer…when there is kick or dhoom 3 ,even if there is nothing in that film you gave gave goood rating..why so??
    They give you money or you sc
    cared of thier fan following.Hirthik is 100 % correct acting in actio movie.It’s not a classic movie that he is gonna cry or make an emotional acting..

  13. Hrithik needs to work more on his acting skills rather than on his body. Style maartha hai aur acting hai Zero. Katrina like always is up to the mark … means high on style and low on acting. Movie is not recommended. 2/5*

  14. You have completely lost me as a fan biased ppl write review for your site, I never knew it. I am not saying this coz am Hrithik fan, yet to watch the movie but am sure this review is much shallow than what the actual movie can be. Pathetic review

  15. Bang Bang movie is way below my expectation. 1st half of the movie leaves you in shock as to what is going on. 2nd half picks up with story, more on action sequence and some dance moves. The movie is somewhere between Hollywood and Bollywood but does not come closer to any one of them. Movie ends with Bang Bang song, tribute to MJ, which gives you some relief.
    Well, Hrithik and Katrina are good as usual but nothing out of the world. You can watch the movie, if you are Hrithik or Katrina fan or looking for some alternative to spend your weekend.
    Happy Dusshera

  16. worst review ever
    BANG BANG best movie ever
    never heard such a good word of mouth from the audience. At the end of the movie everybody stayed till the end of the title track & gave the movie a huge standing ovation.

  17. One of the Best Movie i have Ever Watched …. Never Exected This Much Action in a Single Movie .. Hats Off Hrithik roshan …

  18. Sorry Bro. This movie a piece of shit.My rating is 2/5. Not only koimoi but also every reviewer give negative response. See wikipedia and Google.

  19. How can koimoi give Dhoom 3 4/5 where everything was so done through VFX and artificial and Bang Bang 2.5/5 where actual high octane natural stunts are done by the cast and this movie has something which bollywood has never seen before i.e. action sequences.
    If you are talking about the story then dhoom 3 just copied the climax from “Prestige” and stunts were also not that great.
    start respecting the more real and entertaining part of the cinema.

  20. …copied from English Movie Knight and Day…..
    -The film Knight and Day revolves around Roy Miller (Tom Cruise), a CIA agent wrongly thought of as one who’s gone rogue. In the Bang Bang trailer, Hrithik Roshan is touted to be ‘Hindustan ka sabse bada criminal’.
    – There are a few scenes that are exact replicas of scenes in Knight and Day. For example, the scene where Kaif shoots people while Roshan drives the bike, is a straight lift from the English film.

  21. Today I watched bang bang. After watching it I have decided to watch only those movies having bad reviews in future.

  22. good movie but some scenes are copied from holly wood movie night and day like as he swim in one whole lake
    and like her father location in her ipad
    and they were traced on island by calling
    and hero change herione dressed
    and some others

  23. Kuch bhi picture bana di.. Ek percent maza nai àaya bore hue wo alag…isko to 1.5star hi dene the 2.5 kyu diye??140 crore galat invest kar diye is bekar movie me

  24. See we all know bang bang is a remake of night and day so stop complaining about the movie and enjoy hrithik”s stunts and forgot katrina’s emotionless acting…. movie was really good.

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    came to return the want?.I’m trying to in finding issues to enhance my site!I assume its ok to make use of a few of your


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