What The Folks Actress Eisha Chopra Reveals Being Molested In Public By 70-Year-Old Man, Recalls Being Groped
Eisha Chopra is known for her role in Dice Media’s What The Folks and Neerja. ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Eisha Chopra recently took to Instagram and shared her ordeal. The actress and writer was recently molested in a public space. Eisha, Neerja-fame wrote a long letter explaining what happened to her and how she faced abuse. The actress’s post has since then gained major traction and has gone viral.

The actress took to Instagram and penned a long note explaining what happened to her. “Around 10 days ago, I was physically groped by a man I did not know, in a public place, filled with people. He was well-dressed, seemed erudite and close to 70 years old. He came up to me and introduced himself and somehow mistook me shaking his hand as an invitation to pull me in, and take his own hands anywhere he pleased. I was a mess for days,” Eisha wrote in her note.

Eisha further wrote that she had sleepless nights after the incident. The actress revealed she couldn’t sleep on some nights and overslept on other days. She added in her note, “Otherwise, everything was a trigger.”

However, this was not the first time Eisha faced a situation like this. The actress recalled being touched at the mere age of 7. “For obvious reasons, I struggled with this post. I asked myself why I really wanted to write this. Many reasons came to mind, as did many fears. What if people accuse me of playing a victim? What if people think it’s a bid for attention? I thought back to all the conversations where people have defended abuse by saying things like ‘Well, why didn’t they speak up then?’ You all know who you are. And I hope your question is now sufficiently answered,” she ended the note.

Sharing the note, Eisha wrote, “TRIGGER WARNING 🛑 ABUSE In case you’re wondering where I’ve been. Share, if you feel it has some value 🙏🏽.”

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Many fans commented on the post. One netizen wrote, “I wish you didn’t have to be so brave.. big hug and thank you for your courage,” while another wrote, “With you Eisha. You are fire – burn the trauma and expose the tormenter.”

Eisha Chopra is also known for her role in Dice Media’s What The Folks.

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