Hema Malini Reveals She Had To Sit On Dev Anand's Lap, Recalls Saying "I Can't Act Like This, I Didn't Want To Put My Whole..."
Hema Malini And Dev Anand Had An Embarrassing Moment During A Shoot. ( Photo Credit – Instagram ; Wikimedia )

Hema Malini made her debut in the film industry with 1963 Tamil movie Idhu Sathiyam, However, it was her role in Sapno Ka Saudagar that got her in the limelight. Soon Hema Malini got a ton of offers and climbed the ladder of fame and success. During the shoot of one of her films in 1970, Hema Malini had to face a very embarrassing moment. The veteran actress recently spoke about the incident at Dev Anand’s 100th birth anniversary celebration.

Hema Malini was speaking at the Jaipur Dev Festival when she shared with fans an incident from the sets of 1970 film Johny Mera Naam. The film was directed by Vijay Anand and was a huge hit amongst fans. Speaking about the same, Hema revealed that she got struck on a sky trolley during the shoot of ‘O Mere Raja’ and what followed was super-embarrassing.

“There was a scene where we were supposed to go in the rope chair. The sequence was such that he is sitting already and I have to sit in another chair but because I miss it, he makes me sit on his lap. That was very embarrassing for me, in real life also, and in the film also I am feeling very uncomfortable,” Hema Malini recalled.

“So the shot started and the rope chair was moving but right in the middle, it stopped. The electricity was gone. I said ‘Dev saab, I can’t sit like this’. I didn’t want to put my whole weight on his lap. It was very very uncomfortable,” Hema further added.

Journalist Bhawana Somaaya, who was interviewing Malini, later revealed that Dev Anand had comforted a scared Malini by telling her to look into his eyes and not look down during the whole incident.

Johny Mera Naam‘, directed by Vijay Anand and with music by Kalyanji-Anandji was Hema Malini first big hit. By that time Dev Anand was an established super star. Many songs from the film including ‘Pal Bhar Ke Liye’ and ‘O Mere Raja’ are heard by fans to date.

On his 100th birth anniversary, veteran actress Saira Banu also shared a few fond memories with the former, revealing how he used to forward roles to her in his movies.

Saira penned a long note and shared some unforgettable memories with Dev Anand. The actor passed away in 2011.

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