Nana Patekar On Working With Rishi Kapoor(Photo Credit –Facebook/YouTube)

Every actor has a story to tell about their co-stars. Some stories are good, and some are controversial. Actor Nana Patekar also has something to share about Rishi Kapoor. The actors worked together in the 1995 film ‘Hun Dono’. It was an action thriller film directed by Shafi Inamdar.

Nana Patekar, who has been quite candid in recent interviews, revealed that Rishi Kapoor allegedly refused to give more than one take on the sets. According to Nana, Kapoor would lose his cool and abuse whenever he was asked to do so. The Welcome star revealed that Rishi even told Nana they’re not like him, the theatre guys.

Nana Patekar On Working With Rishi Kapoor in Hum Dono

The Vaccine War actor shared, “Gaali bohot deta tha woh (he would abuse a lot).” When the Ab Tak Chhappan star was asked if Rishi Kapoor abused more than him, the actor stated, “Arey! He would get annoyed a lot. He would give only one take and not more and say, ‘We are extempore, not like you theatre guys, kya bakwaas baat karta hai, chal’.”

Nana Patekar shared an anecdote where he told Rishi Kapoor to give one more shot as the first one was terrible. Nana revealed that the Chandni star gave him an agitated reaction. Patekar stated,” He said, ‘Who is the director here? Shafi or you? Hatao yaar isko.‘ He gave the second take, which was also bad. I told him, ‘Chintu ye bakwaas hai’, he then started abusing. Itni gandi gaaliyaan! By the fifth take, he was like, ‘Now I will hit you!’ but that was the best take! That was the take that made it to the film. When I came for dubbing, I told him see it was retained, and he said (annoyed), ‘Ha theek hai yaar.’ We spoke a lot after he went for his treatment.”

Nana Patekar On Working With Rishi Kapoor(Photo Credit –YouTube)

Hum Dono also stars Pooja Bhatt in the lead role. Meanwhile, Rishi Kapoor passed away on April 30, 2020, due to complications from leukaemia. The actor was battling the disease from 2018.

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