Mira Kapoor With The Hair Of FRIENDS' Monica From Bahamas Episode? That's What She Feared About!
Mira Kapoor With The Hair Of FRIENDS’ Monica From Bahamas Episode? That’s What She Feared About! (photo credit: Instagram/Mira Kapoor)

Mira Kapoor carries a certain kind of charm with her, and her hair certainly adds to her ‘eternal’ beauty. It would be tough to imagine the amount of haircare she must be doing to achieve that oh-so-good look. At multiple occasions, we’ve seen how Shahid Kapoor keeps complimenting her for the same.

Through her latest post on Instagram, she opened up about her hair care routine. She posted a couple of videos on her IGTG to talk about the same. In one of her videos, she said, “I always wanted to go against my natural hair type and carried a hair straightener everywhere.”

In a hilarious comparison with Courteney Cox’s Monica from FRIENDS, Mira Kapoor said: “I was having serious nightmares when the thought of moving to Bombay happened because I didn’t want to look like Monica in the episode of the Bahamas.”

In her recent IANS interview, Mira Kapoor opened up about the foodie side of hers. She said, “Yes! I am a big foodie, and my preferences have evolved over the years. Earlier I used to eat a lot of junk food, and I feel that a part of me still loves Delhi street food and momos. But, these days I have become more mindful of what I eat. It is not just about the cuisine, it’s more about the produce that is being used to cook our food— whether it’s organic, is it seasonal, is it sustainably farmed, my choices regarding food have become more mindful now… Now I think food for me has become a lifestyle before it used to be something fun that I used to look forward to.

“I really enjoy Thai food, but most of the time I enjoy eating home-cooked food. Whenever I want something different then definitely my go-to is Thai cuisine,” added Mira Kapoor about her favourite cuisine.

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